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Replaced keyless entry / securicode wont lock


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June 6, 2021
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2017 Ford Explorer Sport
I had the blinking and erronous keypad issue issues arise over the pass 2 weeks . Would not lock or unlock.
Purchased this
Amazon product ASIN B09FZ788TNSaw a few threads on the same issue and they replaced the keypad. Install went smooth.
It unlocks great now with the factory code but will not lock. When I touch 1 button the top lights like it senses touch. but for 2 fingers . it does not. The bottom 2 to lock. It will not lock. Not sure if the unit is bad or?
I have 4 fords in the family. use the keypad all the time and hold the bottom 2 to lock. Nogo here. but if locked with key fob . the factory code unlocks no problem.
like I mentioned. as I touch 1 button. The top lights to show its reading each touch. but when I hold 2 it does not.
Any ideas?

see pics. Yes as I was removing the old pillar I cut my finger. Funny I read other about removinb the pillar. To wear gloves as it breaks and its sharp. Whelp!! its true.
See 1 touch. top light lite. 2 finger....not.

touchpad 1.jpg

touchpad 2.jpg

It could that it is defective but I don't know how you would determine/test that. Are you able to exchange it?
BTW, our site Vendor, Levittown has the applique for less cost and offers members a discount. The difference might be that you'd have to pay shipping costs. Original 2011-2019 Ford Applique BB5Z-7820554-AC | Levittown Ford Parts

here is the correct one from the vendor. Left side with touchpad.