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Replacing Sport Trac drivers door

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No. Only 2001-2005 Sport Trac doors will fit.

Sport trac's 2001-2003 are the same. then 2004-2005 are the same.

You can bolt up the doors off of the 2004-2005 but they are not the same as the 2001-2003

Interesting, but must be correct info. I didn't know that. Differences must be with the inside panel of the door, huh? Car-Part does show 2001-2002 but then 2003-2005. Learn something new every day.:thumbsup:

ok on my 05 it has a hard plastic "junction box" so to speak before going through the rubber flex point the 04-05 also does not have "Explorer" badged on the side, the interior panels are definitely different the older ones have circle grills for the speakers and silver grip handles that fade and wear the newer ones like mine are a rectangular grill for the speaker and molded black grip handle. the swiches for the windows are back lit and straight (parallel to the door) similar to the switches in the third gen sploders not sure if the switches are slanted or not in the 01-03

those are some of the difference i can mention. just like the 01 trac having headlight switches recessed into the dash wereas the 05 has a third gen style where the headlight and dimmer is in one unit that snaps into the dash. like the superduty's too

Im with ya ncranchero. I thought they were all the same too.I wonder what else is different:scratch:

This is the only post I found about my situation and I have a question I rolled my 01sport Trac this weekend and it just dented the front passenger door enough to break my window and screw up the window tracks.
So here is my question.....
Can I put a 01-03 4 door explorer door on it? They are easier to find at the junkyard. I found a two door out there earlier but obviously those doors are bigger. Any help would be appreciated

Only Sport Trac and Explorer Sports.

A forum member replaced the driver's side door of his Sport Trac with the door from a 4 dr Explorer about a year ago ( or less ). Do a search to find the thread. I think there were some minor differences in inconsequential trim pieces, but it was a straight swap otherwise.

THE DOOR MUST BE FROM A 2001 OR EARLIER EXPLORER. 2002 and newer are a completely different design.

From a 2001 5.0L (four door) as quoted in post #8. I would advise sending a PM.

Bent door. | Ford Explorer and Ford Ranger Forums - Serious Explorations

That's what I thought, the 95-01 Explorer 4dr should match the Sport Trac's of 01-05, being a similar chassis. I have a 93 door on my 99 Limited, and that took some work to open the hole up to match the wiring connector at the jamb. The door panel hole next to the mirror was also a little different, more cutting.

This question was asked a couple of months ago and the conclusion was that the front door from a regular 4 door should/will fit an ST front door.