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Reverse Parking Sensor


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December 2, 2015
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2006 Ford Explorer LTD
2006 Ford Explorer LTD

Trying to get to a bad sensor in the back bumper. I get the "Check Parking Aid" on the console and one of the sensors isn't making a clicking sound. The question is - how to replace that sensor. In the videos I've seen most Expeditions or F150's have vacant access behind the bumper. With mine there is a foam block and a hitch in the way (#3 & #9 ) as seen here in the diagram. The strip (#2) in the diagram is where the backup sensors reside and I'm not sure if it pops out or is screwed in from behind. I gave it a pull yesterday, but it seems pretty snug and I didn't want to break anything.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on easily replacing these backup sensors?

Thanks! :salute:

UPDATE - I was able to fix the sensor by removing the back bumper entirely. You "might" be able to just remove the 3 metal washer nuts holding the foam piece in the bumper, but taking the entire bumper off really isn't that difficult and made getting the sensor out easier. I followed the instructions here - to remove the bumper. The sensor had a couple of clips holding it on and didn't twist out as many YouTube videos suggested.