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Rough Country 3" lift


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April 9, 2006
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94 Explorer Sport
I was lookin at a Rough Country 3" suspension lift. It's for a 83-97 4wd Ranger. Comes with Front coil springs, front pivot point drop brackets and rear blocks with U-bolts. I was wondering if that'd fit on my 94 Explorer sport? Seems like it should cause it's the same kidna suspension setup??? But what do I know.


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The front will. The rear will not. Using blocks on the rear will lower the rear end not raise it. You can do a SOA conversion for 5" of lift, or get lift springs, or AAL plus shackels.

Lowers it eh? Heh. Then can't I just put the axle ont he other side of the leaves? Joking...

What's a good place to get lift springs from? I know I can get a 4...I was hoping for a little less than that though...but a little more than 2...sigh.

I haven't used that kit before, but I did order my body lift kit from them. They were by far the cheapest. I have a friend who runs a 3" rough country kit on his chevy and he is satisfied too. No complaints here!

I assume with that lift I'm gonna need a longer pitman arm? The site didn't specifically say if the kit came with one or not. If it doesn't, what's a top pick for one to get? Am I going to need longer radius arms??

"Kit includes front coil springs, radius arm drop brackets, I-beam drop brackets, power steering pitman arm, 4 Heckethorn Hydro 8000 series shocks, u-bolts, and rear leaf springs.
Additional Notes:
Vehicles with manual steering, add the manual pitman arm ($35)."
-Rough Country

The site tells you everything you need to know. You can get more travel out of your front ttb with extended radius arms, however the kit does include drop brackets which will work fine. If you have any more questions about that kit, just give them a call. I'm sure they'd be more than willing to help you.

Rock on. Thanks for all the help!

Eaton Springs sells replacement leafs, and they can arch them up to 2" over stock.

i got the 4" kit from rough country and i cant complain about it, i ordered it from rocky mountain suspension and got it for cheaper than what rough country sells it for, the only thing i had to do after was put coil spacers and add-a-leaves so i could fit some 33s
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well..the warrior shackles part #- war153 on their site is a 1.5in lift..and the procomp add a leaf is also a 1.5in lift..i combined them together..and it most likely wasnt a true 3in lift..but thats wha ti did to get some more clearance..