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Rumble vibration 60mph 4H unlocked, 2H locked

Albino 94LTD

Recovering from Moab 2016
June 24, 2003
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City, State
Newcastle Wa
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White 94 Limited
I have a rumbling vibration at freeway speed.

The vibration is present when in 4H with hubs unlocked and 2H with hubs locked.

The vibration has gotten progressivly worse over the last couple months.

I have replaced;
Spindle bearings and seals
Front axel U joints
Front drived shaft U joints
Front drive shaft centering ball joint
Transfer case.

With the front drive shaft out, there is no vibration, either with hubs locked or when in 4H but when I put the rebuilt front drive shaft back in, the rumbling vibration returns.:mad:

Ideas please? I don't want to replce the front pumpkin unless we're pretty sure it's the cause since it's such a PITA. I haven't checked the front diff fluid yet, maybe this weekend.