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loud clunk while moving followed by loud vibration.


December 12, 2010
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South West Oregon
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Medfod, Oregon
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1998 ranger 4WD
My 1998 Ranger 3.0, 4WD, front and back ABS, manual trans.
I posted a question in 2014 regarding left front vibration. Member replies suggested a bad wheel bearing. That was the problem and because of ABS hub I had to replace the complete hub.

Now I have a similar sound and vibration on the right front and decided to check the hub and replace it in the near future if the hub was the problem.

I was on my way back from a short trip down a mountain highway doing about 55 and I rolled onto the rumble strips separating the traffic lane from the shoulder. Along with the warning rumble and vibration a loud clunk occurred. This is a very loud rumble and serious vibration. I pulled back off of the strip but the rumble and vibration continued. I slowed but he rumble/vibration did not stop. I pulled over onto the shoulder and stopped, started up and moved onto the traffic lane. After traveling a few hundred yards with no problem the clunk/noise/vibration returned(I was not on the rumble strip) The vibration could be felt through the steering wheel and floor board. I stopped and started moving with the same result several times. At a few hundred yards at a lurch the 35 miles to home would take a very long time. I decided to go for it, made it home without anything disintegrating. The noise/vibration did not getting worse.

I have an off the wall thought that the combination of a bad hub bearing along with the vacuum pulse hub engaging the axle might cause problem?

Any thoughts, suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thanks for bearing along with my lengthy description