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Saying goodbye to a loved truck...


April 6, 2006
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Atlanta, GA
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'97 Mountaineer
She has been a good truck.
She has gotten me everywhere I have wanted to go and never complained
She's been through hell on the hottest days
She's plowed through snow and danced over ice in the coldest of cold
She climbed the highest peaks with a boat strapped to her back
And she did it all while keeping her passangers safe
Goodbye old girl...

My 97 Mounty just reached 160k on the clock. So far she's been relatively hassle free and only needed basic maintenance. But, I think she has reached the end of her economic life.

How much do you spend on a old truck before you sell it to get whatever value is left? It is worth it to patch it up with band-aides at several hundred dollars a pop as things come up?

She's going to need new tires and shocks. Which I imagine will total to $900.

I think there is something wrong with the transfer case. I have the exact same problem as described in this thread which cost the owner $800 to fix.

I know I have a leak somewhere in the AC - I had to recharge the system twice last summer.

I could fix these things and hope that nothing else breaks but the reality of it is that things will continue to break until I am fed up with it. I think I know what to do. Its time to trade her in for something newer but I hate to do it, I hate having to pay a car note, but I want something with low miles that will last a while...

Goodbye old girl. :(

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$1700 is a lot cheper than a new or used vehicle.

I have 187,000 on my '97 Mountaineer & will probably need a tranny rebuild in the a year to year & a half.

Am I giong to dump her. Hell no! We've had to many good times together and new ones are to much $$$ & way too soccer mom for me.

Some of you have convinced me, through the reply and PM's, not to part ways so quickly the old girl.

I know that the Ford 5.0 has the ability to go 300k+ without major problems. If I am willing to deal with the hassle of fixing the things around it I should be able to keep her on the road for a while still and save a ton of money over buying something newer.

I've already got an inside track on a transfer case that I can swap.

Its about time I learn how to do some of the more nitty gritty work. I'm actually looking forward to it now.

So, thanks to those who opened my eyes and showed me the way!


dont get rid of her. hell, putting 5 or 6k into her, and really jazzin her up is still cheaper than a new truck. 160k miles isnt that bad really. keep her !

Buy a Honda.......

Unless you trade in on a NEW could very well end up with these same problems plus the car payment.

EH, Honda? Yea. keep her. I just bought a 97 x with the 5.0 with 144,000 on the clock.. Not worried about her, nor my 97 with a SOHC with 131,000. i dont mind lieelt stuff here and there. My SOHC is gonna need a timming tensions soon, but idc. I love it, and im not gonna get rid of it for little problems.

That's when they get perfect for playin dude. Fix basicly what you have to and just raise a little cain in it. Buy your new vehicle but kep old trusty around for some good times. Fun is worth more than any resale value you could have on the old girl.