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screwed up rear end

Originally posted by 410Fortune
yES AFTER 500 MILES YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE FLUID AND MODIFIER. Also you should not use synthetic gear lube to break in gears.

Yes change after 500 miles

Where does the no synthetics come from? Please dont tell me its too slippery!! When I set my gears up I use synthetics all the time. During run in the gears will create lots of heat- thats the exact type of condition that synthetics excell. Ford fills their rear axles in the 3.73s and up with synthethics since they generate a bit more heat. Most synthetics are LS approved so no need for additive- check with the mfr.

Biggs When you put in the new gears did you just bolt on the ring and install the pinion? You need to run through the complete set up.

I agree with Jon here- I think the pinion preload is screwed + ?. Your pros did they use a dial indicator to get the backlash? Did you or they check the wear pattern?

I would do three things- 1) check the preload on the pinion bearings- 15 INCH lbs if I remember right.
2) put a dial indicator on the ring gear and check the back lash(and runout while its on there)
3) check the wear pattern

I posted a link to setting up the 8.8 on the forum someplace- a quick search should turn it up- if its still available.

Good Luck

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Originally posted by FMExplorer
The friction modifier add friction - the more you use, the tighter your LS will operate. You should only need a few ounces in an 8.8 rear end...


I think you have that backwards- the friction modifier reduces the harshness of the lock and unlock of the plates. They are already locked up so to speak, and the friction modifier lets them seperate easier. May also add life to the clutch discs. The modifier really only makes the unit less noisy, and extends life of the clutch plates. Adding more wont give them anymore friction, it would probably do the opposite.

Thanks for the correction - you're right on the modifier.

As far as the synthectic goes - that comes from Ford/Haynes - that was it.

The 8.8 is probably the easiest axle to set up next to a 9". Do some research and take it away from your pros ;)


thanks for all the info here guys well the verdict is this everything was set up perfect, except one thing the pinion nut was at 350 ft lbs only ran it for 30 miles or so so we backed it off and its quiet now so hopefully there is no permanent damage, and while we were there we switched back to 80-90w thanks again guys

I would take the carrier out and check to be sure there is no play in the pinion. Putting 350 lbs of torque on the pinion nut may be needed to crush the sleeve. Backing off it could allow the pinion to move (that would be bad :) ). Keep an eye on it for a while. Your fill plug may have a magnetic putty on it - check it every week or so to see if you are getting too many metal shavings on there. That would be the first sign the gears aren't working properly.


ok will do thanks it seems to be nice and tight with no noise so far but i will keep a close eye on it thanks for the advise