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Shackle install ?


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August 8, 2001
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96 XLT
Hi all, Well I was in the process of changing my real shackles on my 96. Wasn't too bad to due, and got the new shackle on and tighten it down.
I then notice something on the shackles instruction sheet that came with them. It states they should be straight up . My explorer both were at slants so that is how i installed these? Are all of your new shackles straight or slainted? I got about 1 1/2 inch lift on the side i installed. also the leaf spring isnot almost a straight line? is that correct? Thanks in advance for any thoughs/help on this

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Elk Hunter; I just installed mine 3 weeks ago, and I took this to mean that if you were looking at the X from rear; that the shackles shouldn't pivot inward or outward too noticeably. Mine appear to pivot slightly inward but that could be an illusion because it is dark out. And yes, your leaves are fine, they should not be flat. Enjoy the height and ride. :)

I have a question about the install process. My friend wants to lift his truck using shackles but what we dont understand is when you unbolt the shackle isnt the leaf spring going to "spring"? isnt that kinda dangerous? when you unbolt it, wont it want to flatten out. how do you get it back up to rebolt it to the new shackle? Im not good at bending steel. :D

sorry if they seem like stupid questions but I have a lowered X so I dont know anything about lifting. thanks.

It never sprung back with mine. The only time you have to be a little careful is putting the spring back in the new shackles. I used a prybar to move the spring down and got it on the first try, just be cautious that the prybar doesn't slip. I had a problem with the axle angle afterwards causing a vibration. becker69, how was yours after you put your shackles in? I haven't found too many posts about it and nobody seems to know much.

It could slightly spring. Mine sprung a little bit. To keep it from springing on you, jack it up and put it on jackstands, then use a jack to support the axle. Then put a jack between the frame and the leaf spring and jack it up. Remove the nut from the bolt that holds together the leaf spring to the shackle. Then adjust the jack that's between the frame and leaf spring to where you can pull the bolt out, that way it won't spring on you. Take off the shackle and put on the longer shackle, then use that jack that's between the leaf spring and the frame to push the leaf spring down so you can line it up with the new shackle.

Where did you get your shackles from and how much did they cost?? I can't find any!!! I'm trying to lifet my explorer up enought to fit 35x11.50's under it without totaly rehauling my suspension I think I can do it too. I'm getting a 3 inch body, coils, leafs, and I want to put shackles on it but I can find them. I was just hoping you could point me in the right direction on where to get them and how much would it cost??? I hope it works out on your explorer because if it does then they are defenately going on mine.

My email is

Foothills, if you are driving a 97 like in your info you dont have coils. You have torsion bars up front. Just thought I would let you know. :)


Will you tell me what the spring like things that are beside my shocks are because I thought they were coils but I maybe wrong. My Explorer is AWD/4WD and yes it does have coils. I was saying that I was palnning on getting longer coils or coil spacers to lift up my front end around 2-3 inches. But thanks for the info you really helped me out.

TRKmagic, I was wondering if those lenses on the truck in your picture are clear bc if they are i would like to know where you got them from. I ve been lookin everywhere for them and nobody seems to know who makes them, or where to get them from. Anything would help.

Later days!


Those clears are on e-bay for anywhere from 40-50 dollars american :) They are all over. I just want the rear clears and those are impossable to find even online. Anyone know where i could find some of those rear tails?
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