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Shift Motor Not Powerful Enough


June 5, 2005
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Peoria, Illinois
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94 Ranger
I have been working on fixing my shift motor for quite some time now. I am at the point where it works fine not bolted to the tcase. As soon as it gets bolted up, it doesnt have the power to spin it out of the 2wd notch. I put it in 4low and bolt up the motor, and it shifts fine into 2wd.

I have been readin on here and i have found lots of Info. My new idea is that the rubber stopper is coroded. I have never heard of that before. Maybe when i bolt up the motor, it moves the gear enough so that the sensor contacts arent touching.
So, i could either put on a new rubber bushing, or i could move the sensor contact cover over 1/8 inch. Which way should i move it? Toward the motor, or toward the passenger side?

Or is it possible that my motor has just gotten old, and doesnt have the power anymore?

Thanks! And sorry for bringing up more shift motor topics.