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Slave Cylinder Quick Connect


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August 7, 2013
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Annandale, MN
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1993 Ford Explorer Sport
I would just like to share my recent experiences with a problem I've heard others have, with little solutions. I would like to begin by saying that after 3 years on a Oreilly's auto parts slave cylinder with no problems, they are the ones to buy. I changed out the slave because the tranny was already off, and I didn't want to risk it. The reason the Oreilly's one is so good, is the fitting uses a push-in pin to connect the line. No failures, and it's super easy to remove in the future. Good luck finding a Motorcraft slave, the local Ford dealer says they are discontinued.

Anyway, after everything was done, I plugged in my clutch line, it snapped in nice and solid. The first time I went to push the petal, it got about half way, then super hard. I crawl under and find the line popped out. I found the metal fingers had popped out of the fitting, as well as the line. I push it all back in, and make sure it's secure. Again the line pops out. I try it two more times before taking a closer look. I see nothing wrong, and decide to try and bend the fingers a little, with no luck. After fighting it for 30 more minutes, I decide the fitting is just junk. I really didn't want to pull the transmission out again to change the slave, so I go though the shed and find an old slave cylinder. I carefully pry the metal fingers out of the fitting, and try it in my new slave. Success! I've been driving it weeks now, and the line never popped out again. The metal fingers that came in the slave cylinder fitting were too thin, and could slip over the lip in the fitting. China can't even get stamped metal right anymore.

As a possible alternative, if you have an Oreilly's slave in the truck, and for whatever reason just have to take what you can get, it looks like you can change the fitting. There is a small roll pin holding the tube and fitting on. I've never tried it, but I assume you can pull that tube out, and put it on your new slave to avoid the hassle of a quick connect in the first place. I wish I had gone this route myself.