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SLOPPY Steering???


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September 27, 2007
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Haverhill, MA
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94 Explorer
I can turn my steeering wheel 2 inches in either direction before the tires even begin to turn.
Has anyone encountered this problem?
I believe the steering box is adjustable, right?
Loosen the nut, and then turn the knob with a screwdriver, correct?
My question is, do I just loosen the nut a little and tighten the knob as far as it'll go?
I don't want to damage anything.

When I just shake the wheel side-to- side when I'm not moving I get a clunk coming from the sterring box.

IIRC, you tighten the stud until it stops and then back it off a hair so that it doesn't bind up.

The damn friggin' nut won't budge!
I PB Blasted the shlt out of it too, and i let the truck run for a few minutes. I thought the heat may help, but no such luck.