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Slow start issue

Just curious if any one has solved this issue.. mine did this 2 years ago.. I got 2 free fuel pumps out of the deal because my mechanic couldn't solve it..

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Almost sounds like vapor lock - agreed... but sometimes it happens on the very first start of the day. Sometimes it happens when the truck is hot, when we're running several stop-n-go errands. Sometimes, it'll go the entire day without doing it. That's the most frustrating part of this - I can't seem to connect the long starts to any particular action or inaction. It just does it whenever it damn well pleases...
I tried something last night and it worked, cut your key on(don't try starting) and wait 5-9 seconds cut it off and cut back on then start. mine starts on first turn on second try. somebody told me it could be a check valve that's causing the fuel to flow back to the tank as soon as it stops pressurizing. haven't researched that yet , but its starting now.

fuel filter getting clogged maybe

Well this happened to me on the night of 4/23/17. Once in a rare while at random (hot or cold) it will take an extra 1 to 2 seconds of cranking to start up as if its priming the fuel injectors. Well at 8pm on 4/23 I had to make a quick run and the engine was maybe luke warm, turned it over and it cranked fast and sputtered a bit as if I had a carburetor under the hood and eventually started. Hasn't had one hesitation in starting since but just letting you guys know there is another out there.

2002 4.6L V8
87K Miles
Recent Oil change
Fuel Filter @ 63K
Original Spark Plugs
One new COP
Original Injectors
Updated Intake Manifold

Looking for advice also. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer that has approx. 98,000 miles on it and never had an issue with it. Was sent a recall notice couple times and never took it in because never had issues. Eventually called dealer in Macomb, Ill., found out it was a fuel pump issue and needed to be replaced so I took it in.
Fuel pump was replaced and while driving home approx. 15 min. into drive the check engine light came on. Called immediately and dealer said to bring in next day and they would check it out. Claimed it was bad connection when wires were reconnected to fuel pump. They would fix no cost. Again picked up vehicle went to Walmart, when returning to car it had excessive cranking as if it had no fuel. First time this ever happened. Took vehicle back again, was told it was bad injector but couldn't narrow down which one was so had to replace front 3 to be sure and I would have to pay 50% of parts and labor. Again, drove short distance and again during start up same issue. Dealer then said it must be one of the back 3 injectors. Took vehicle back again, had vehicle all day but just ran test. Claimed they talked with Ford hotline and was told not to change other injectors. Since then they opened up a new hotline or code blue but nothing has been done. Service manager claims Ford hasn't replied to his question on what to do next. Same problem as what I've been reading in above post. after several attempts to figure out problem and 3 calls to Ford Customer Service, talking to owner of dealership in person, dealer claiming they escalated this problem as a "code blue" to Ford for help with issue, they came to conclusion it is an intermittent problem with no codes and can't help me anymore and said unless it just quits or throws a code they can't help me. Service manager even said he's never seen a ford engineer come to dealership as long as he's been there to figure out problem and he didn't know what else to do. Problem is getting more frequent and also worried my wife will be somewhere and it won't start, or will eventually ruin starter, will be towing expense, who knows but very frustrated that it can't be diagnosed. Very disappointed with Ford Customer Service. Any help would be appreciated. This has been an ongoing problem since the beginning of August 2016, when recall work was done.

Same slow start issue with my 02 xlt 4.0 I bought recently, it's insanely frustrating. Somehow at 172,000 miles it still had factory spark plugs.. I have no way of measuring the gap but if you can imagine what a plug burnt all the way down flush to the ceramic looks like well there you go. Replaced them thinking it would solve the problem but no such luck. Tried everything suggested in this entire thread.

My 98 does the same thing, starts right up when cold. But there is no fuel pump prime when the engine is warm. I verified this with a gauge. Crank the motor and the pump will run and prime as normal, this is a consistent problem, leave it sit 5 mins and the fuel pressure has bled down to 5psi. So for some reason the pcm is not sending the 2 sec signal to the pump once the engine is at operating temp. It seems to be a common problem with these Fords but I have as yet to find a solution. I wonder if one of the temp senders on the T-stat housing could be pooched?

Bump anybody solve this issue ?