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So. Cal. Meet and Greet Nov. 8th '08

No Problem, I Just Heard The Corona Fire Is Over By My House...:biggthump:....:eek:.... A New Fire Just Broke Out By Chino Hills State Park...:rolleyes:
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Some area of Anaheim Hills is being evacuated Ted. I know you're not home right now but hope it's not affecting your house.

It Sounds Like Its Heading Right For It, Weir Cyn... Serrano Will Be To Close And I Am Prepared If I Become Homeless, Except For A Place To Live.,.
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Its Official, They Just Evacuated My Neighborhood...
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I'm saying lots of prayers and hoping that things go well out there for all of those having to deal with these fires. I have a friend who lives in Sylmar but he did not have to evacuate with this fire because it went way west of him (he's up in Kagel Canyon). The fire a few weeks ago was different, though. He had to evacuate that time and one of his neighbors lost their home.
Let me know if you need anything! I am not that far away and would be happy to help with whatever I can.

Thanks For The Thoughts,..this Is Going To Be A Tough Holiday Season For A Lot Of Folks With This Economy And Now Fires...
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I hear ya! The doctor put me on disability for a while and it is just a little over half of what I was making while I was working. Luckily, I don't have a lot of bills at the moment and can make it on that but, like you said, the holidays are going to be pretty tough this year (and probably for a few years to come, based on what economists are saying).

The Fire Is Now Also At Savi Ranch Marketplace Which Is Where John Forces Shop Is At... The Nhra Races Are Going On In Pomona And There Is Another Fire In Between At The 57 Freeway...
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Best of luck to you, stay safe.

good luck Ted hope it goes well for ya need anything lemme know.

Thanks...the Fire Station Next To Where Im Camping Emptied Out And They Have Fire Watch Posted On All The Hills Around Us...
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Looks Like Camping For 1 More Night... Good Thing I Didnt Choose To Stay At Chino Hills..
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Wind Picked Back Up And So Did The Fires...92 Today And All The Fwy/hwy Are Closed By My Place...
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My nephew works for a pest control company out in Yorba Linda and the areas that were burned/evacuated were right where his route is. He's not sure what's going to happen this coming week or if he will even still have a job.
Stay safe Ted! Have you heard anything about your house? Let us know when you can get back in and if you need anything!

We Are Good... Another Night Of Camping, My Tv To Watch Jimmie Johnson Wreck, And Harley Gets To Chase More Squirrels...:biggthump:
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I Heard They Lifted The Evac And The Governator Was Down And Brought Lots Of Air Support... It Seems The Fire Mainly Stayed At Chino Hills, Carbon Cyn, And Diamond Bar Today...
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I'm surprised it took the Governator so long to get his butt down here!! He has a home in the hills above Yorba Linda (or used to, at least). You could see it from the 91 freeway, all lit up during the holidays.
On a sad note, I talked to my son today and he said one of his friends from work may have lost his home in the Sylmar fire. It was among those 500 mobile homes burned in the Oakridge Mobile Home Park. That is an awful situation up there!
Stay safe, Ted! Enjoy the camping and tell Harley to watch out for those squirrels! They can be really mean when they are cornered!

...As I was near home this a.m., I seen a fleet of engines from San Diego and another fleet of engines from Ventura county leaving my neighborhood...Thanks Guys...:salute:

...I will try and get some pics of the damaged areas when I can but the ash and dust is everywhere that was down wind and I'm really surprised the city didn't catch on fire by the size of the cold ambers in town...:eek:


Glad to hear that everyone from here is safe.

Ted, I was thinking about you when we saw the fire take off out by Corona.

Anyways, I just got home from the Sayre fire in Sylmar tonight and it's amazing that we were able to stop it as quickly as we did. My thoughts go out to all those that were affected by this latest round.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took on Saturday night during the burnout operation from LA County Fire Camp 9 down to the 14 freeway and what it looked like the next morning.


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...I was at a house in a Yorba Linda, A large home track of houses today to look at some burnt eves...:scratch:

...They didn't mention the 5 houses across the street, the house next door, or the 2 houses behind him were burnt to the ground...:eek:...This guy was so lucky to receive such little damage...

...Boomer, I'm glad to hear you made it home safe...I wasn't sure if you were local or what with the range of fires we had and the fire watch everywhere else...