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How to: SOHC V6 Timing Chain Inspection & Repair


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April 29, 2017
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1998 Ford Explorer XLT

I got the timing tools and have removed the left CAM sprocket with the cam holding tool fitted to stop it rotating. I managed to get the left guide out no problem and it was shattered into many pieces [see photo]. Worth noting is that I was able to take out the lower guide retaining bolt WITHOUT needing to feed it through the jackshaft sprocket. If you have smallish fingers just point the head of the bolt to the left of you, i.e. toward the right side of the engine, then it will be possible to lift it over the TOP of the jackshaft sprocket. I put bubble wrap in the holes where the bolt might be dropped so it didn't drop and disappear into the engine just in case I dropped it.


A note about the right side CAM:

With the engine in the vehicle I COULDN'T fit the camshaft sprocket removal tool! Has anyone been able to fit that tool with the engine in the vehicle? I made a makeshift CAM holding tool using one of the OTC tools for the RH side [see photo], but I'm not 100% sure if it will actually hold the CAM, what level of turning force do the valve springs apply?

In a UK vehicle the heater pipes from the thermostat to the heater core don't allow you to remove the Camshaft cover so I had to unbolt those. I decided to remove the wiper motor and push the pipes out of the way rather than struggle with disconnecting the pipes which might very well be rusted on. Also it was a good job I did because there was no lubrication on the wiper rotor, so I can fix that when refitting.

The keyway magically disappears in the Cloyes video in order to remove the balance shaft sprocket, so yes it does need to be removed!