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SOHC with timing chain issues..when?

September 1, 2008
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Just wondering when some of you with SOHC had timing chain issues. I may be picking up a Explorer or Explorer Sport with between 90-150k miles. Hopefully closer to 90k. But i was wondering when some had issues with the timing chains. How many miles and what years? I REALLY want a 5.0 Exp/Mountaineer but i dont know if thats going to happen. Gotta sell my stang first but i have found a few people who want to trade me for thier explorer...and all of them have the SOHC. I had the SOHC in my 01 Sport trac...but we traded it in at 70k miles. So if anyone can just let me know i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Vince:thumbsup: