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some wheelin videos


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July 17, 2002
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Greenwood, SC
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95 xlt, 97 5.0 mounty

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Gotta love all that squeaking! That looks like a lot of fun, sometimes i wish i had 4x4.

nice vids

awesome videos, looks like your explorer is very capable....

but did you ever find the soccer field?

nah no soccer field haha yeah the ol x does pretty good not bad for a 200k mile vehicle that is dead reliable. we can get in that thing and drive it anywhere wheel it and drive it home. same can be said for my fj40 except it doesnt ride smooth and have air conditioning haha

I watched these videos on the gulches forum a few days ago. How often do you ride up there? Watching how easy you made some of those obstacles kinda makes me feel bad. I've tried that ledge just past the 'silt pond' a few times and the spring perch always caught me. I'm SOA now and going back in two weeks to try it again.

yeah ive seen ya out there before its kinda funny line to get up tnt, the front and rear bumpers usually both drag lemme know next time u wanna ride we will have to meet up

I'm going to the event the 28th, but not sure yet if I'm going to bring my truck or not.