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Spark plug stuck

Delta Dog

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December 14, 2009
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I need some help from the masters!!!!!

You know that little rubber insert inside the spark plug socket that grips the ceramic?? is stuck (rammed, wedged) down around the hex part of the plug so I can no longer get the socket on to twist it out.

The plug is easy to get to but not easy enough to see into the hole. I have tried picking the rubber piece out with a dental pick with no luck. There is MAYBE 1/16" between the side wall and spark plug hex. It seems i need a 5/8" socket made out of sheet metal or something thin that will cut into the rubber and grab the plug.........I need ideas..........

And before anyone asks (your gonna kill me).....this is not on my is on my 2002 dodge dakota quad cab. I know this isn't the right forum but it IS the best place to ask as far as knowledgeable and experienced mechanical vehicle gurus. Besides.........I figure this could happen on an expy and solving this could help others here.

Do they make any special tools or gizmos to address something like this?? How do people get out plugs that have stripped the hex part off their plug?? Please help!!!!!!!

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Try a "Gator Grip" socket.


How well do those things work in general? Any good for taking out stripped bolts and nuts?

It appears to me the wall thickness on the gator grip is just as thick as a regular socket.......thus it won't get past the rubber piece to let the pins drop down.

The problem here is that the crammed in rubber piece won't let anything I have tried, get past the hex part of the spark plug to get a grip on it. I either need to:

A: Get the rubber piece out........or
b: Find something that can squish or cut into the rubber and grab the hex.

Maybe something to dissolve the rubber????

Torch it, burn it up, scrape away the dust then remove the spark plug.

Fire is you best friend.

I'm not sure how tight the area is in which you're working, but do you think you can get to the rubber with a chisel or something else sharp to try to cut it free? Once you make a "relief" cut, you could probably grab it with some needlenosed pliers. Of course, you would have to be cautious not to damage the hex part of the plug with the chisel so you could still remove it.

That cylinder bore in the head, for the spark plug, is JUST big enough for the spark plug and a standard socket. I have consumed the space for the socket with the rubber socket insert.........mashed it down in there REAL good!!

I MAY be able to get a needle nose vise grip in there but was hoping for a less (possibly) destructive begin with at least. Right now the truck runs fine so I don't want to make the problem worse or the truck inoperable just yet.........that fire suggestion scares me!!!!

If i do go the vise grip you think it would be OK to soak the plug/hole with PB blaster??? Hopefully a little bit would get past the rubber piece and to the threads. That one plug has been in for 144K so it might very well be a tight one.

And maybe.......just maybe.......that PB blaster would soften up the rubber a bit where I could pick it out better with the dental pick!! I REALLY need to get a mirror and flashlight so I can see what I am doing!!!!!!

I have found a normal 5/8" deep well socket is a bit thinner in diameter than a spark plug socket--

Hmmmmmmm...........I will definitely try that!!! I was thinking of taking my plug socket to the grinder and "sharpening" up the leading edge!!! Before i do that i am gonna visit a small engine dealer.........

You know how you always get that cheapo, sheet metal spark plug socket tool when you buy a small engine.........I am thinking that would be the ticket.......the one for my Honda 13hp is too big..........13/16" i think but surely they make one for the smaller plugs. I am sure they are weak since they are stamped sheet metal but it might just be skinny and strong enough!!!

I just picked up a stamped plug wrench for a homelite small the new plug just fine. I might have to grind the outside edges down to reduce the wall thickness and make them "sharper" to hopefully cut into the rubber. Might even heat up the new tool to try and melt the rubber and let is squish up while I tap it down on the plug..........

I did make it to church yesterday so hopefully between that, all the planets aligning and a quick witches potion :chug: ........all will be well!!!!! :thumbsup:

I finally got that sucker!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: The modified cheapo, homelite spark plug wrench was the ticket.......took me 5 minutes to get it out. Didn't even really realize I had it till I pulled it up & out. Didn't see anything on the plug so I taped a small piece of tubing to my shop vac and sucked out for 5 minutes or so.......I think I heard some "stuff" go through the hose! Creepy........but the truck runs GREAT!!!!!!!

Anyway, just got the 2 hard ones left which I figure I will leave for the weekend and some daylight!!

Thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the beast that beat the plug!!!

This is now an official pass around tool should anyone have a need for it. Just ask and I will send it assuming you will send it back when you are done.....or send it to the next person that needs it.

I know this is probably silly but it cost me $7 plus 30 minutes to modify it and it would be cheaper and easier to ship it than buy/make it again for someone else.


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