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Speedometer Quit Working


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March 26, 1999
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Haven't seen anyone else run across this yet so I'll ask:

Pulled out of the driveway a couple of days ago and speedometer started jumping like it does every once in a while, then it jumped all the way past 85 mph and just stayed there. I drove it for several hours and it's still there - doesn't move a bit. It's not pointing straight down, but probably where 90 or 95 mph would be. I had the little handheld gps I take hunting and it shows moving speed; once I knew where that was on my tach in fourth and fifth gear I was fine on the highway for my trip. Is there some part I should buy before I start disassembly?



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A Speedo Cable.

Or the Speedometer Head (Gauge)

Start with the cable. Take it off, and see if it is broken, or other wise damaged.

If you have Cruise Control, check both cables.


Yeah mine started doing that a month ago. And when it went all the way down to 90, its about 95 when its down, just hit the screen real good and see if that puts it back. that usually works when my gauges get stuck or take the glass off and see if pushing it back would help.

Also check the speed gear. If the gear is broken that will also happen.