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Spencer's '00 XLT 4WD

Here it is. I've had it for a while but now I'm starting to work on it.

2000 XLT 4WD in Oakland, CA


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Throttle body cleaning. This is what it was like with 105,000 miles on it. Much better now!


nice x i see ur in oakland thats my favorite football team plays the oakland raiders.

i got family and friends in the bay area i am actually in the bay area visiting for like 2 weeks. by the way my name is Sam and i live in so cali in newport beach.

I used to have an explorer i used to have a 01 sport

Got the sound system installed.

Pioneer DEH-X8500BH Head Unit
10" Kenwood XR-W10F sub
JL Audio XD600/1 600W amp
Q-Logic box (took a little modifying to fit the sub)
Infinity speakes (not sure what kind, got them a while ago)

Not a crazy audiophile but stock wasn't cutting it and this is way better now.




r u raiders fan by any chance

your pictures arn't showing up, Do you still have them? i was thinking about going HID, also In Seattle

We're you ever able to see the pictures? Let me know if you want more info!

Still cannot see newer pics. Wow, what a big difference in cleaning the throttle body.

Replaced the original shocks with some Rancho RS5000X. Sooooooo much better, should have done it long ago.

Full Length Roof Rack: Got some rails and cross bars from the junkyard and cut to size. Used rivnuts to put on the roof just like the OEM rails. I love the look! And now I'll be able to lift my tailgate with the surfboard still up there now that I can mount if more forward.

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