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    Adding Power-Folding Mirrors to XLT

    Hi everyone, I have a ‘17 Explorer XLT and was wanting to add power-folding mirrors to it. I was able to buy the Explorer from a family friend for a good price and low miles so I am willing to spend what is required to add this feature as my garage door is a couple inches too narrow. When...
  2. C

    1993 AC Problems

    So I picked up a 1993 Explorer XLT 4x4 without functioning air conditioning. The compressor clutch won’t engage at all when the AC is pressed. Here is what I have troubleshot so far. 1. The system was near empty so I charged it up to full with coolant. 2. Tested for leaks, and there are none...
  3. J

    Crackling Noise Intermittent from Engine, Help!

    Hi Explorer friends, My 95 XLT 6cyl suddenly started making an alarming crackling sound intermittently from the engine. The best way I can describe this sound is like crackling electricity or a plastic bag stuck in vacuum cleaner. And when I say intermittent, I mean it appears to be entirely...
  4. T

    2003 Sport Trac Camper Shell/Topper

    I am looking for a topper/camper shell for a 2003 Sport Trac XLT. Color doesn’t matter (no pink).
  5. E

    2002 Explorer XLT no start

    Hey y’all! So I’m at a loss and hoping you guys can help! I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L V6 with around 195,000 miles on it. Truck was running great! My wife ran across town(5 miles roughly) to get the in laws and on her way home she stopped at a red light and when she went to take off the...
  6. D

    Preventative Transmission Maintenance - 07 Sport Trac

    I previously owned a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT which unceremoniously blew it's transmission on the way to the supermarket. I had a long battle with it, trying to diagnose a seemingly haunted PCM, as well as any service on the transmission being a complete pain in the ass. I purchased a 2007 Sport...
  7. D

    1995 Explorer 4R55e transmission with no reverse...help please

    I have a 1995 ford explorer XLT. It just had the transmission (4r55E) rebuilt and put in all new bands and after about 100 miles it spontaneously lost reverse. I drives forward but no reverse. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. N

    2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT Tonneau/Bed Cover

    I'm looking for an OEM tonneau cover for my '03 ST under $500. If not OEM, something sturdy and reliable that won't break the bank. I bought an after-market cover that claimed to fit the '03 ST, but upon trying to install it I realized I needed bed rails or something for the cover to clamp...
  9. C

    1996 Ford ranger xlt fixable?

    Hey y’all! It’s a Ford Ranger XLT 1996 New here but would y’all think it’s fixable or should I just try to sell it? I got it for $600 from a friend he got in a fender bender and bent the front end I’ve had it for about 3 years just driving it here and there keeping it running every so often but...
  10. M

    FOR SALE! 01’ XLT! 95.5K MILES!

    FOR SALE! Located in Port Huron, MI. 01’ XLT with the 5.0 in it. Has the AWD. Was owned by City of Ecorse Fire department but no key. Has oil in it, haven’t tried to start it yet. Has clean title. 95.5K MILES! This can be a nice beautiful Explorer with some love! BEST OFFER, NO LOW BALLS! Will...
  11. 2

    Looking for 98-01 XLT OEM Fender Flares

    If anyone has some let me know. Not the Eddie Bauer flares, but XLT.
  12. P

    Replacing blend door actuator in 2003 Explorer Sport XLT

    My 2003 Explorer Sport XLT has a failed blend door actuator, stuck on full hot. The mechanic I usually use wants to charge clsoe to $1000 because "you have to disassemble the entire dash". I do not believe this is true and will be talking to some other mechanics. I've seen videos about how to...
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    Oil poured out of engine??

    Long story, so yesterday I decided it's time to replace my timing chain tensioners before they get worse, I also had a very small leak from my oil pan. So we pulled the old tensioners out, drained the oil, replaced the oil pan gasket, got the oil pan on nice and tight. Put in new tensioners...
  14. T

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT Stereo Wiring Harness Color code

    Power wiring Black+Black Yellow+Green/purple Red+White/Purple Speaker Wiring Gray+White/Green White+Green/orange White/Black+LightBlue/white Grey/Black+Turquoise/Orange Purple/Black+Black/Pink Purple+Orange/Red Green/Black+Tan/Yellow Green+LightBlue/Grey
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    New to Ford ownership

    Hi all! I'm a first time Ford owner with a new 2021 Explorer XLT for my wife. We traded in the trusty 2008 Toyota Highlander with nearly 200000 miles and do frequent road trips with two kids and a Great Dane. :) The Explorer is filling the gap nicely with extra features and better mileage...
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    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

    Thanks for welcoming me to the group! This site has been very helpful to me over the years! I currently have a few questions I need some answers for.. First off I’m needing torque specifications on everything I’m listing below and any tips to go along with it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
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    21 Explorer XLT whine while shifting

    As the title suggests ..The car barely has 2000KM and makes a whining noise when the car shifts, specially 2-3 and 3-4 gear. It is audible and can also be felt but the camera fails to pick it up accurately (or it is difficult for someone to differentiate through a video clip). It seems to reduce...
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    14 XLT Remote Start - Flip Key Fob

    Hey everyone. First post here. I'm getting a 2014 Explorer XLT in the next week. I plan on getting one of the nice switchblade keys from amazon. However, I also want to enable the factory remote start using forscan. Has anyone seen any switchblade key fobs that have the remote start button? All...
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    Sas 98 xlt

    So I started collecting parts for my sas kinda half heartedly knowing I wanted to do it and it just kinda happened one day. I meant to start this thread before I started with pictures of all the parts and the process of me doing it. but like I said I just kinda started and forgot. So we are...
  20. W

    Please help! urgent 97 explorer XLT

    I have a 97 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 l V6 OHV it has 181k miles on it. When I drive Down the road at 55-65 MPH it has this like grinding/ whining noise. It recently started doing this. The parts have never been changed at least to my knowledge. The parts that I’ve changed myself were : Inner and...
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    Guide on doing an LED swap

    Is there a post anywhere on here with a guide on how to do an LED swap on a 98 Explorer? I've already replaced all my interior lights, cluster, dome, mirror, tag lights etc with LED's. But the ones I'm seeming to have trouble finding any info on is LED swapping stuff like, reverse lights, brake...
  22. T

    Won't start after changed brake light switch

    I have a 2004 Explorer XLT. Began having intermittent problem of not going out of park. And, the tail lights stayed on when car was parked and no key in ignition. Without knowing it until it was too late, the tail lights drained the battery. I changed the brake light switch. Then, after charging...
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    Replacing Viscous Coupler on 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD

    Hello Explorers, I have removed my transfer case, Taken it apart, replaced the bearing and bushing with both seals in front half of case. I have brand new VC and chain to install. Just now I realized that the viscous coupler is trapped onto this hollow shaft by a pressed on bearing on one...
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    95 xlt headliner replacement

    I was looking for some insight into what years have headliners that would work with my 95. I found one with a headliner in good condition at a local scrapyard but the cutouts aren't the same. I was wondering if it would still physically fit or not. Pictures below. I was also wondering if the RAP...
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    Major Power Issues

    Hello everyone, So to kinda help more here's my explorer and the events that happened. I have a 94' Explorer Xlt With the 4.0 OHV. It's a solid front 4x4, Automatic with the sad A4LD, (Got like a 2.5" lift with 33"s and a remote start from previous owner *kinda shoty job*). But here recently...