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Spontaneous Oil Consumption


September 3, 2010
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2000 Ford Explorer XLT V6
Hi everyone,
Looking to seek a little guidance, even though there may already be a forum for this. I have a 1997 4.0 SOHC Explorer with 152,309 miles. I bought it 11 months ago with 140,000 miles. Since I purchased it, I have checked the oil level nearly every time I am at the pump. I changed the oil when it was due 1,000 miles after I bought it. Before I had it changed, the oil level was right at the top. Drove for 3,000 and then I changed it myself with Mobil1 5w30 high mileage full synthetic. I decided I would start changing it every 7500 miles due to having synthetic oil. After about 3500 miles, I checked the oil and it was half way down the safe section. I decided to change it again, with the same type of oil. I am not at 2500 miles since my last oil change and noticing that my oil is way down on the stick (not below safe yet).

My question is, why was it not losing oil at 145k miles, but is losing oil now at 152k miles? It does not leak a drop, the bottom of the engine is clean, no seepage anywhere. It isn't burning it out of the exhaust, the exhaust has no color or weird odors. Is there a PCV valve that I should replace? I know I had to do that on my old Jeep. I have been using Mobil1 5w30 high mileage full synthetic and Mobil1 filters. I can't possibly see how it could be related to the type of oil I am using, since I believe that meets the factory specs.

I appreciate your guidance!


Explorer Addict
September 2, 2011
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you could try changing to a different brand of oil, but considering your current mileage i don't think your oil consumption is excessive. years ago i bought my first American car in about 15 years. i had been using Castrol in my Honda's with no issues, but my new American car used a qt every 1000 miles! i switched to Havoline and never had to add oil between changes. i suppose you might also use more oil in colder weather as well.

if you haven't changed the PCV valve lately, it couldn't hurt to do so. do yourself a favor a buy a Motorcraft PCV valve. it's fun to change... i you want, i can offer some tips on changing it.