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sport track dana 30 sas project

Im slightly new to this forum. I used to have a 1992 ranger 4x4 prerunner with about 17" of travel all around sitting on king coilovers, and deavers in the back with king smoothbodies.

This is going to be a new style project for me. im going to take a few pages from the guys that run jeep speed.

Here is how it sits rightnow

My plans:

rear spring over with custom doetshe tech 2.0 monotube rebuildable shocks, and daystar stinger bumpstops

Front dana 30 sas swap:
diff is a Cherokee high pinion dana 30 with tj axle shafts using the larger u-joint.
Ford ranger front wheel bearing so I can reuse the factory abs
Ford ranger brake caliper, pad and rotor bolted to a modified tj steering knuckle.
The modified knuckle will also be reverse drilled for a custom chevy 1 ton high steer kit
Removal of all the factory jeep control arm mounts, and installation of ballistic fab coil mount/radius arm mount kit
custom y link radius arms with removable link on one side for flex
doetshe tech 2.0 monotube rebuildable shocks
Rubicon express 5.5" xj coils
Ballistic fab upper coil mounts, and shock towers
Daystar stinger bumpstops
ford f150 steering box

For tires and wheels I will be running 15x7 pro comp steel wheels, with 33x10.5 bfg m/t`s

I will also be custom fabbing a roof basket, front bumper, rock sliders, and rear bumper.

I think that covers it all for know.

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here is my steering box mount

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here is my stock steering shaft modified with a borgesson u-joint end

here is my tracbar setup

And here you can se me cycling the suspension with the daystar stinger bumpstop tacked in place.
you can also see the side of my tracbar bracket with one steering box bolt going through the whole system.

here is my bumpstop pad and lower coil spring retainer built into one piece with a counter sunk allen bolt for a nice smooth bump surface


Bump, any more photos for us to drool over ?

here we go again. the push was on.

That's the first time I've seen a D30 clamped in a bench vise, that got a chuckle out of me.

I'm really impressed with some of your stuff like the dished out frame for the coils and the limit straps back out of the way. I didn't even know the Ranger brakes upgrade was a thing, that is really cool.

Do you have a shot of the suspension at ride height? It looks like your tracbar and draglink are not the same angle and could induce bumpsteer.

It's too late now but an Aerostar steering shaft bolts up to your column and that box without any modifications.

Keep it up, you're doing great.

so ive got the truck on the road again. ive got a couple issues that i need to figure out. first off i have to install a sway bar with quick disconnects to see how much body roll i can get rid of. My rubicon express 5.5" xj coils are 180lb and are pretty soft. if they are to soft after the sway bar i might buy some stiffer ones, but i like how it rides offroad right now. I also have to run an 11" bilstien shock in the back instead of my 12" ones. 12" is a little to long with my current mount setup. Other than these couple little issues i love it. i will try to get some action shots this weekend.

The ranger brake thing is not a thing until now. lol. im hoping alot of people will use this info in the future. the whole reason i tried it was so i could reuse the ford wheel bearing to keep my origional abs. it works like a dream and such an easy mod to do. I dont have a suspension shot at ride height but the trac bar and drag link sit really good for the first 3-4" of up and down travel. i have not experienced any bump steer or deathwabble yet.

well. ive had the truck on the road for a few weeks now and ive some more pics. It flexs 905 on the RTI ramp, and i still have some more tweeking to do.







Looks great man!

Thanks. I will keep updating as I move along. I still have to build my skidplate for the new transmission crossmember, move my limit strap tabs so the don't hit each other on uptravel, start building my rear bumper, roof basket, and I'm sure there is more.

Do you have some details on your crossmember? I recently made a new one for mine but it's not the best design and could use improvement.

Great fab work man. What size tires are you running? Roughly how much before and after lift did you get with the lift?

my crossmember side rails that bolt to the frame are 2" angle iron. with 2" square tube as the trans crossmember. My link mounts are welded to the 2" tube. my goal with this crossmember was ground clearance. i have quite a bit of angle on my links heading down to the diff but i would rather that then have my crossmember hanging 4-6" below the frame rail. the angle on my links is not enough to affect performance in any way.

Im running 33x10.5x15 bfg mt. this is mostly a commuter to and from work with weeknd playing so i wanted to keep my tires manageable for fuel mileage and power

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really inspiring build