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I'm not sure when I will be starting this but I'm getting all the parts ready.

'79 HP D44 Front end:
-shortened right side of housing
-alloy axles
-CTM joints
-No-Spin detroit locker
-5.13 gears
-MM locking hubs
-stock brake system

'79 Ford 9" rear end:
-5.13 gears
-detroit locker
-disk brake converted (hoping:D )
-alloy axles (probably Mosers)

Suspension and steering.
-WH 5.5 coils for the front
-early bronco coil towers
-long travel shock towers
-stock radius arms
-National Springs for the rear or add a leafs and warrior shackle :D
-custom steering, tierod over knuckle.

Now, if I can just find a garage to work on it. So I can get rid/sell my old parts for 37" MTR's and 15x10 double beadlocks.:p

Dude; why not do it on Base you slacker!!!! :) I wish I had a garage I could lend you some time to but I don't... if there is anything I can help with, let me know; it will be good experience for me ;) Nice plans... I am starting to think more and more of a SAS instead of the Superlift, but that is still a ways down the line. Hope all is well.

:chug: :usa: :chug:

Just thought of it.... my best friend (and bro in law) bought a 9" out of a Ford Granada, and it had disc brakes... why not do something like that for the rear and get another 3rd member or some 5.13's from there... just a thought....

Ps he put the 9" rear into a '66 Ranchero (so at least he stayed FORD :) )

I already checked the hobby shop but with all the things going on w/ the Wing, time is not my friend. I can't store the explorer inside, I have to wheel it out at the end of the night to the parking lot. So, if I can atleast get the front end out and steering in a day:eek: then it'll be easy from then on.

It's not easy to find a 9" housing around here in Tucson w/ disk brakes already and if you do find one they want all your cash for it.:(

True, I forgot about your search area being limited to Tucson... It was a nice thing having all the Boneyards that were close to L.A. If I can help at all let me know (although my knowledge is limited, I never mind giving a hand.)