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Stalling and no start

January 20, 2006
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Newton, NJ
I've got a 94 EB thats been running rough. Out of no where it sputters then stalls. Almost like a vacuum leak, but i dont hear any sucking sounds and I checked all the hoses. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. It will turn over and start then idle real rough then die. After about 20 minutes of waiting, it started. After driving i stopped at a friends house and it would just turn over and sputter til it stalled. The gas pedal has no effect on keeping it running. I tried tapping it, pumping it, and flooring it, and it did nothing to help the problem. It has a new fuel pump and fuel filter as well. Any ideas because i am stumped?

First thing I'd check is the Throttle Position Sensor.

It might be getting flooded from a bad ECT sensor. Use the following chart to troubleshoot the problem: