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Stalling issue 99 X-XLT 4.0 SOHC


January 18, 2009
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Beatrice, Nebraska
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1999 Explorer XLT 4X4
I tried the search function, but didn't come up with results that seemed to mimic my situation.
Seems if I drive the rig on the highway and shut it down, the next time I start her up, she will fire up and stall. Upon stalling I wait a min and turn the key again and it seems to be flooded because it cranks from 5 to 10 seconds before firing again. Once started I need to feather the throttle to keep her running and then she is good to go. I haven't had her but four days so Im not sure normal conditions for idle, but it seems low to me at 500 rpms.

Any info from more experienced owners would be great! Thanks for your time,

that almost sounds like air in the fuel. Old carbureted cars would "vapor lock" from fuel boiling in the fuel lines. You shut the car off and the heat from the engine boils the fuel in the lines so it does what you are describing. Fuel injected cars with return lines stopped that. Returnless systems have enough pressure to overcome the vaporization. So I guess if it's air, then where and why? The very first place I would look is my fuel pressures. What's it doing and when is it doing it.

I think I may need to state that if I drive a long distance and shut it down I can start it right up while its still warm and runs just normal. It seems like a cold start issue but only happens after a long drive.