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steering extn for 95+body lift


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March 23, 1999
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Alpharetta, GA
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95 xlt
i have a 3 inch body lift on my 95 (used the ranger kit) i dremeled the extention out but it is not perfect a little play in it. I have heard that the pre 98 ranger steering extension fits perfect, is this true and if so can i order just that piece and how much is it and what is the part number.


The extension for the '97 Ranger will work. It is a perfect fit. I used it on my Explorer. It cost around $72 from I don't know the part number, but I just told them I lost mine and they sent me one no questions asked.

Yob_Yeknom, did you have to do anything with your e-brakew cable when you put in the 3" BL?

I didn't have to do anything with the e-brake cable. It had enough slack in it to go 3". Just check to make sure they are not rubbing, and if they are just adjust them.