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Stic-o's F-150 Supercrew

Well the truck has been at Ford all week getting some much needed love. Finally getting the exhaust leak fixed and had the dreaded spark plugs changed. Ford ended up breaking 2 of the 8. But she should run like new again when I go pick her up tomorrow. :thumbsup:

I'll post pics of the plugs...I heard they we're pretty bad

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..Still waiting on them there pictures...:D

So this is the 2nd worst plug. This is one of the plugs that broke.

In the first pic you can see it's history, the other one that got stuck actually was cracked so bad in the porcelain that it was in the verge of pieces falling into the cylinder:eek:

The 2nd pic you can see how the plug breaks. They are a 2 piece design (they have changed that now) and the head snaps off and gets stuck in the head, in some case the porcelain will stay with it. This is a result of carbon build up and a bad design. Worst case scenario they have to pull the head to get it out.

So it could have been worse:D


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So, any idea how they got them out of there?

Benjam :D

Well it's time to move on. She has been a great truck. Today I sold her to move up to something bigger. Stay tuned for her replacement.