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stock wheel offset?

i have a 96 XLT with the 15" wheels the only way to describe them is maybe a curved 5 spoke. what is the offset of these wheels. and if i get a wheel that is 8" wide as apposed to the stock 7" but the offset is zero how much further will the new wheels stick out? so basically:
15x7 stock with ?? offset = stock stance
17x8 wheel with 0 offset = how much wider on the outside of the wheel?

i am trying to order some new wheels and tires and i am ready to order a 17x8 enkei with some 265/60/17 yokahama av/st tires. anyone know of a reason why they wouldnt work?

Hopefully, you understand the difference between offset and back spacing. If not, has a pretty good explanation. Stock back spacing is 3.75", so on a 7" rim that gives you -.25" of offset.

7" rim - 3.75" of backspace = 3.25"

7" rim divided in half = 3.50"

3.25" - 3.50" = -.25" of offset which means the tire is actually further in on the hub than sticking out. Going with a 8" rim with no offset, means you have 4" of back spacing. I think they will fit, I just don't know if they would rub or not. I would go to a local tire shop and see if they will fit test some rims and tires on for you.

thanks a lot that helps some. and i am trying to locate a shop that will put a "dummy" wheel and tire on, that is the only way to know for sure i guess. anyone else have any input?