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Stuck on vent Issues....

So this is flaw by design I guess, kinda sucky, there are sometimes I DON'T want the vents on. I live in Arkansas, and all I'm gonna say is chicken houses.... Sometimes it stong enough to make ya gag, so in other cars you close the windows and close the vents, and it' s not too bad. You can smell them even along the freeway in some places...

But even worse, is they blow somewhat warm air in mine at least. Like tonight it was a beautiful 70 ish out, but the air coming from the vents with it turned all the way cool was warmer then the outside air, and it started making the cabin kinda warm. i even closed the vents themselves, that made it better but it sill had a little warmth coming from them. I have just been keeping it on floor setting, and that doesn't seem quite so bad, just makes my feet sweat! LOL

/rant on

Seems like it would have been REAL easy to make it so "off" was really off, and then have a VENT setting, then the rest of the settings. You know, like most OTHER cars in the world :rolleyes:

You know it seems with Ford it's either designed really, really well. Or really, really dumb. And what's up with all the "tamper proof" crap anyway, seems every single item has at least 1 "special" screw or nut... Like the year after the "tamper proof" stuff came out there wasn't a tool to bypass it in every auto store in america... and someone probably gets paid a seven figure income to come up with this crap...

And I mean who's brainchild was it to put a BRITTLE, BREAKABLE plastic bump stop in the electronic transfer case shift motors, I mean come ON, like 90% of them fail!!!??? Someone in the engineering department really dropped the ball on that one! :frustrate

But I love my X anyway....:salute:

/rant off
Ha I haven't replaced my plastic 4x4 balls yet and my 91 has almost 189k on her and us it quite frequently to.