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Suspension Lift Dilema


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May 31, 2000
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Tempe, Arizona
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1993 XLT 4x4
I am faced with a dilema. I am having trouble deciding between the 2.5" James Duff lift or the 4" Superlift lift. I was going to modify the Duff lift to get 3.5" out of it and then combine it with a small body lift (1"-2") to fit 32" BFG's. The Duff lift sounds easy to install, good quality and its much cheaper than the Superlift. But I have also heard the Superlift is really good quality as well and I am wondering as to how hard the installation is. Any suggestions?

I just installed mine a couple weekends ago(4" Superlift). It was an all day job for two people, but the parts were on the money and the instructions couldn't have been easier. Basic tools, WD-40, some jackstands and a couple heavy-duty jacks is all you need. The only snag we hit was a frozen bolt on one of the leafs( had to cut it off). Sweated quite a bit, left some skin somewhere under the truck, but it was well worth it. Check out the difference at
The 32x11.5's fit very nicely and with the exception of cutting a 1/4" piece off the lower air dam. Other than that, no rubbing from full lock to full lock. If I had to get another Explorer and lift it, Superlift would be the one I'd chose again. Good luck.

That looks incredible!! How much did you pay for the lift? Did you get any options like the Superrunner steering or anything else along those lines? I really want to do my homework before I buy anything. Thanx!!


I did the same thing your doing. I checked, inquired numerous people,..etc.., but trust me, get it! All I got was the 4" lift kit(with shipping it was almost $800). I was told I didn't need the extended brake line or steering, but I wish I would have gotten it anyway, especially the brake lines(you will have to have these if you opt for the 5.5" lift) :exp:. At full travel down they are stretching. After I recover from this upgrade, I'll be going to get those(kinda need those to keep working). Hope this help convince you to go for it.. Don't forget to take pics and post them in the before/after thread.