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Swap bench for quad seating...


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May 12, 2010
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Johnson City, TN
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2007 Eddie Bauer V8
Hi all -
I have two carseats now...along with the third row. Would it be possible to swap the middle bench seat for quad seating in my 07'?

Know where to find the seats?



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Anything is possible, you may have to build some brackets or drill holes in the floor, the interior is something you can pretty much do whatever you want with.

I'm interested in that "upgrade" too! From the parts list, it does not look too bad of a job, mechanically.

Anyone finish this project? Do the buckets and bench bolt into the same brackets/holes?

I am looking to buy an '07 Mountaineer that has Quad seats, but I actually want to go the other way. We have 3 kids, and want them to be able to sit in the 2nd row for short trips, and have 7-passenger option when the inlaws come along.

Are the leather seats in the Mounty the same as those in an Expy?

a few have gone both ways. . .you might have a color matching problem with a mounty. . .
Check around and see if any Mounty's came with the full 2nd row. Junkyard you might be able to grab everything or post for a trade you might be able to switch with someone who wants quads.

Thanks. I know they are available. This just happens to be one fo the rare ones with middle buckets. JY would probably be our best option. They might even do an even swap for the 2 buckets and console, since they would get more $$ for those. We'll see.

Anyone still checking this thread, we found another Mounty that already has the bench seat (not to mention 30,000 less miles and a 2 year extended warranty included). So we do not have buckets for trade. Thanks.