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Start off with a :wavey:hello to everyone. Been on the site for a couple months, reading and learning alot of new things. This is a great site, with helpful and knowledgeable people. Little bit about me live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, born and raised. I have worked in health care for more that 18yrs, started when I was 18, and the stuff I have seen:eek:.

Well this isn't about me, it's suppose to be about my Explorer, so on to it......

2000 Explorer Sport which is up to 18.5 mpg city driving so far



Current mods done so far.....

4.0 SOHC
K & N airflow systm Fifk 2nd gen
Crankcase breather mod
PCV filter
Custom cat back exhaust ( 2 1/2" pipe )
Flowmaster 70 series muffler Dual in/out
Magnaflow Resonator tips
Indexed spark plug With Motorcraft Platinum Plugs
Magnecor Wires
Screamin' Deamon Coil Pack

Nothing yet looking to do full synthetic soon

Westin Grille and brush guard with headlight gurads
Westin Nerf bars
AVS Bugshield
AVS Rainguards
AVS Rear Air Deflector going to be changed to a Lund WindJammer like the look of it better
SilverStar 3157 bulbs
SilverStar fog light bulbs - H1
Fog light mod ( on with high beams )

Optima Red Top battery
To be added soon as well

Catch-All Floor Mats for the front,middle and rear

SCT LiveWire 9600 Programmer - I have the unit just looking to where I want it programmed at.

Rancho RSX shocks

Well so far that is it, there are so many more I plan to do, So will post as I go like most do :D. Thought I would like to send a special thanks to Aldive for motivating me to get the most mpg out of my Explorer. Thank you Aldive


looks nice dan u got pics of the flowmasters previous owners of my sport had the 70 series flows and i took them out and put the 40 series flows on mine.

here are pics of my sport if u wanna check them out.


Here is the current Exhaust on it. I went thru 2 changes before this one. This is about 2 weeks old, should have posted sooner.


The muffler shop I went to were rip-off artist and I will never deal with them again. When I first went there I told them I want a quiet exhaust from the cat back, and was entertaining the idea of dual exhaust down the passenger side only and I wanted resonator tips. They talked themselves up like they could do it no problem "we've been doing this kind of work for 25 years, blah,blah".

We talked for abit and said we would go with dual exhaust down the passenger side and use 2 5"inch round magnaflow muffler with resonator tips. I left them the truck and they did the work and got the call the next day saying it was done and asked "how loud did I want it ?" WHAT?! I said quiet WTF?! SO when I got there, they pretty much meet me at the door. We went and looked the truck the it had dual exhaust but not down the passenger side and had regular tips on it. SO pretty much not the way I wanted it. They said take it home try out over the weekend and see how it would be. So I did and driving home I hated it, just drove me crazy. Needless to say the truck sat all weekend until Monday when I went back to the shop.

I told them put the stock on back on and return my money. Something they didn't want to hear, so they said what if we put a magnaflow 22" muffler on it and the resonator tips, that should make it quiet. Hmmmmmm wasn't that what I wanted in the first place?? So they finally did that, so I thought.

I drove it for 2 days and the droning noise was getting to me I would hit 60mph. Actualy started to hurt my ears. So I crawled under the truck and looked at the exhaust and WTF they screwed me again. They put a 17" magnaflow muffler on it instead of the 22" on they said they would.


Ok I'm pissed now. Drove to Autozone and ordered a Flowmaster dual in/out series 70 muffler. I guess I got lucky there cause they actually had one in the store. I took it $151.00 out the door. Drove to the muffler shop and told them to put the Flowmaster on at no charge to me, cause I was tired of the games they were playing with me. They said they coould do it the next day, I was ok fine I will be here when you open.

Next I pulled in no one was there yet, I waited. Finally they open up and take my truck to start the work. I told them I will be watching from the bay area until the work is completed and to my liking. Finally I have an exhaust I like not totally happy with due to the dual isn't down the one side. Maybe one day down the road I will find a guy that can do it. but time will tell.

Finally changed the coil, spark plugs, and wires this weekend of June 21st on the '00 Sport. A long process for someone that doesn't have a garage or power tools. The week of June 16th I bought Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs (part #SP500 AGSF22FM) from Autozone.

Came home hopped online ordered my Screamin' Demon Coil from Underdog-Performance.

Then looked for Magnecor Wires, found those at Horsepower Freaks.

They sent me an email saying I wouldn't get them until the 26th of June, I was bummed out when I got that email.

I got the coil on Thursday the 19th, was like a kid in a candy store looking at it, reading everything. Ok I have 2 items plugs and coil, I could change it now and just change the wires when they come? NAHH, just wait it out. Then I got to thinking why don't I index the spark plugs it worked for Aldive. To the internet and looked up Aldive's Indexing posting...

Went to the Jegs website and ordered the indexing washers. Now I have to wait for 2 items to come in. Friday comes and I get 2 packages the Magnecor wires came extreme early and the indexing washers were here as well. WOW, I couldn't believe my luck on that.

So I have everything I need, coil, plugs, washers, wires, and tools.


Saturday comes, I have everything laid out and ready to go. I'll start by change the coil first was pretty easy to do. Needed a T25 torx socket and driver to take out the 4 screws. Then taking the wires off one by one and putting them one at a time on to the new not to mix them up. Put the old one to the side and screw the new one down. Done

Next the driver side spark plugs, look simple enough to do. (Hint #1: never think it will be easy when they haven't been changed for 8 or so years) I start by trying to twist off the wire, not moving, I twist, turn, pull, and fianlly yank the wire out. I look at it and see the other part is still on the plug itself. D'OH! and I think my neighbors heard me say that. Pliers to the rescue and it was removed. To take the plug out, should be too bad. (Hint #2: expect the worst always) Trying to get it bugger to move thru the top of the engine was a pain, time for plan B- Jack the truck up and pull the wheels and cover curtain in the wheelwell. Made it a little easier, that and a breaker bar with extensions.

Start the indexing phase of the spark plug placement. This was interesting and tedious work. I placed a green vertical line on the one side and horizonal line on the back side of plug. Screw it in and see where in ends up and adjust it from there. Was going for the open end of the spark plug to point to the exhaust port. After placing the washer and getting it right on the first try, I put the new wire on and connected to the new coil. Next one, won't bore you with that, they pretty much all went like that. Until the passenger side and it is starting to get dark.

Jack the truck up on that side, took the wheel off and cover curtain in the wheelwell. Talk about tight spaces I start work on the my 4th plug (or #3 plug)that is to be changed. Get the wire off, (pain) and the plug out (more pain). Get the new plug in and back out for indexing, placed washer and screw in, place wire and start the next. But have to call it a night cause a thunder storm rolls in and rains on my fun. Fast clean up and throw everything in the back of the truck and put the tire on with one lug for tomorrow.

Sunday goes off without too many problems, just get the right washer for indexing is challenging, to I feel it will be worth it in the long run

Here is a pic of the old parts

Trying to figure out what to do next now pulleys, electric fan, or TB/MAF sensor.