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Third gear missing in my Reman?


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February 16, 2005
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Spener, NY
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2005 Explorer Limited
Had a Jasper Reman Transmission installed about 6 months ago (3yr/100,000 warranty). Lately the wifes said it's sluggish. But I notice something weird. The other day when the roads were snowy I tried downshift to stay off the brakes going down this hill. So I turn off the OD, slowed down some, shifted from D to 3, and it went sideways. So yesterday I was thinking D to 3 shouldn't be that far apart. So I stopped, put the shifter into 1 and took off, RPM's went to about 3500 and I shifted up to 2, RPM's came down and I drove faster till I got to about 3500 RPM's again, and shifted into 3.... No change in RPM's from 2 to 3. Then into D and the RPM's dropped. Drove the RPM's up then turned the OD on and they came down again. So I'm thinking 3rd gear is getting skipped. Also when I shift from D to OD when on the gas hard I hear what sounds like a belt slipping. The serpentine belt and tensioner are only about 1 year old and there both Gate Brand. Plus it only does it going from D to OD.. This is also a 4.6l V8 if that matters. Think I need to go back to the shop.

Heck yea if you got any doubts about it take it back...Never hurts just to be safe plus sounds like you got a pretty good warranty..just explain to the mechianc what you did and what you think and then let them take care of it from there..thats what you pay them to do or did..just my .02:D

Well the truck went in the shop Tuesday. It was a bad neutral safety switch. Everything seems to be working better now. Now we need to get the rear end figured out.