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Tilted Steering Wheel


Name is Ray
January 4, 2003
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Valley Stream, Long Island
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'97 XLT 4-dr SOHC
I noticed the other day that my steering wheel is tilted to the left just a tad. It didn't bother me before but now that I know its tilted, its bugging the hell out of me. Is this one of those "normal" Ford manufacturing crap or is there some kind of adjustment somewhere?

PS. It's not tilted as if the spokes are off centered. It's tilted in a way that when holding the steering wheel with both hands my left hand is extended a bit more than my right.

Any clue?

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There is a tiny bit adjustment in the left/right alignment in the steering column. You could check it by dropping the plastic and metal panels under the wheel and take a look. There are 4 nuts that hold the column in place.

Maybe it's a loose nut behind the wheel:D J/k

Originally posted by X~FACTOR
......both hands my left hand is extended a bit more than my right.

maybe one arms longerthan the other :eek: :p :D

Or your seat tracks are off and you're sitting ****eyed

Hokie....I dont know how to tell you this but you dont sit ****eyed. You look ****eyed. You sit halfassed. JK

Okay guys thanks a lot! ****eyed, halfassed,... hmmm nice...

...at least 1 out of the 4 suggestions ain't bad. ;) :p