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Tips on A/C removal?

so i was under the hood today doing fuel injectors and installing my new powder coated parts from turdle. Noticed the two wires I just zip tied out of the way, lead back to a single pig tail, so all the wiring is out now as well, kept it though, so if i wanted to research which was power and ground blabla could use them for alternative wire ups for accessories.

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im thinking about the same thing removing the ac box my self

i vote use it for on-board air then. get a system to add oil to it, then then to remove the oil before going to the air tank.
youd have to go back to the ac belt tho :p

i mean not now, but if you think youd ever do such a thing, save it.

let me know what you find behind the ac box as may radiator places tell me im in for trouble by replacing my ac box ?

there is no noo but like Xeek said, have it done properly by a professional... not your back yard at night when no one is a wake to smell it or hear the his......

First thing, if your thinking of doing this... FIND THE NON AC BOX FIRST!!!!! that is the HARDEST part of the whole thing!

I see them all the time now;)

Yea there has been alot of b2 with them also.havent been in a couple weeks bit think there was 3 last time i went.

right i woulda yanked it at that miles, nah only junkyard within a 100 miles that had any sort of non ac set up, ohio took part of that CARS and crushed alot of the older b and b2

will a 94 ranger also work on my 1990 bronco 2

Yea, I got it from the junkyard. One off a 83-92 Bronco 2 or Ranger will work.
the heater box that is ???????????

right you need a non a/c heater box

looks like this.. not green... normally nasty greasy black

i did my hearter box

hey all a 94 ranger will fit a 90 bronco 2 no problem at all

im removing the ac on my 97 sport was wondering if the 82 ranger non ac box would still work or if i would have to look for a different one

Any non ac will work

alright it just looked like the one at the begining of the post matched rate up. i dont mind doing a mock up (actually prefer mocks, makes them there own) but looked nice how that one fitted

They should all be the same.the green one was modified for a v8 swap, its not stock