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turn signal buzzing


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December 4, 2001
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stlouis mo
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95 limited
95 limited, 113k miles my problem is the right turn signal does not work and buzzes when i try to use it.
can somebody tell me what to replace please, ive already done the turn signal relay and checked the bulbs. it does it every time, right signal never works only buzzes.


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Mine does the exact same thing! But if I let off it and try again, it works. Pretty annoying.

Same thing here, even the same side -- right turn signal. It only happens to mine every now and again, and I haven't found anything common abot the situations when it does happen. But when it does happen I just flip it back down, try it again, and it works fine. It seems to me to be something in the steering column. Don't know what's causing it though.

the switch maybe? we had that problem on our aerostar