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TWO ABS CODES from scan today at BrakesPlus C1102 C1230 So Now What?


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April 27, 2004
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1999 Limited
I got a scan today for the price of $65.00. This is what it stated.

C1102 Acceleration Switch Circuit Failure
C1230 Wheel Speed Sensor Rear CEnter Input Circuit Failure

I was advised to replace the rear ABS sensor that seems oh so common here on the site. I have already bought one and really wish I had it on when the scan was done to see if it took care of the problem. Anyhow, do you think that is my only problem, or since there are two codes, that there may be two problems?

I replaced the Front )Hubs/bearings/abs sensors) Rotors Pads all around and Lower ball Joints all within last month.

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Nobody could have helped? Well it was just the rear ABS SENSOR. So in the future this posting could help out if you get those error codes.

You didnt' need to pay to have your codes checked most major autoparts stores will do it for free.
In my experience, most auto parts stores scan the PCM only (Pxxxx codes). Unfortunately, ABS codes are not stored in the PCM and require a more sophistocated reader that can access other onboard modules. This usually means a paid visit to a Ford dealer or an independent shop that has the high dollar code reader.

Exactly. I tried EVERY store that reads codes for free and they all told me that they couldn't read the ABS codes, only PCM.

That is correct. I have a high dollar scanner, and it could not read ABS codes.

ABS Codes c1230 and c1102

There is now an ABS brake scan tool put out from Actron called "ABS BrakeScan" PN CP9449. I paid $169 over the internet for one. It did pull up these codes and I will try the Read Wheel sensor (thanks for that input). The code reader was worth the $169 for me as I have made a few trips to the dealer in the past for the front hub abs units and plan to own the explorer for some time (not rich).

FYI - I have a 1999 Eddie Ford Explorer, 5.0L 302 AWD.

I hope I got the proper place to respond, as I am new to the group and just wanted people to know about the new code reader. Best...Rick

The Innova 3130 with ABS upgrade can read all DTC's
I got a C1102 and from what understanding on this thread that is the ABS/Speed sensor on the rear axle.
1999 Sport 4.0 sohc

my 99 explorer just came up with the same 2 codes C1102 and C1230 I was figuring on the rear VSS in the diff. being bad but wanted to get the codes first. I had mine scanned at Advanced Auto for free with their scanner, of course it probally helps to have a buddy who works there and will do it for you though. But they can scan for the ABS codes.

My local Advanced Auto parts has a scanner that also reads the ABS codes thru the OBD11 connector. There was no charge. I have the same two error codes - B1230 and B1102 so I will change the rear sensor. The price was $23

What was your issues while driving or stoping? I have no lights on in the dash but I have this issue.. Could some of you help me out with this?

I have a slow speed ABS issue when slowing to a stop and hit about 5 MPH My ABS kicks in the peddle ratchets down and I apply more brake to get to a stop.. ABS feels like it's working as it should except comes in play at low speed for no reason dry clean paved roads bellow 5 MPH or so.. Tires all the same size and aired to 29psi , wear is even, No ABS lights on in the dash.. I just installed new front rotors and new brake pads with slides and anti rattle kit.. stil have same issue.. Bled brakes all the way around to flush the system used 1qt of Dot 3 fluid.. still same issue.. I was talking to a guy in the parts store.. said he went threw the same thing last week and it was a front ABS sensor..

Is there a way I can tell if it's the left or right front sensor? It's a 4X4 and is a real pain to install a new one just to swap it out in the other side if I didn't guess right the first time.. Cold weather is setting in and I need to do this ASAP as I'm working outside.. Thanks for your help! I have a Ford work shop manual.. I don't have a brake out box or ABS scan tool... I have a volt metter.. George

I am having the exact same problem as George W... I do too have two codes present(C1102/C1230) when I scanned my truck at Autozone. I didn't however have an ABS light on either... I am leaning towards the rear sensor not the front. The code description for C1230 even reads (wheel speed sensor rear center input circuit malfunction). I am going to trouble shoot the rear and see where that takes me.

I will post update.

yep , advance auto read my abs codes for free too .but they wanted like 180.00 for a 60.00 dollar sensor so i went to napa .

One more bad rear ABS sensor

I am just adding my post for statistical reasons having read on a similar thread that the REAR sensor seems to give a solid ABS light 75% of time, which was my case too. I read and wrote down somewhere here that another easy test for these simply magnetic pickups is just a ohm meter reading which should give:

Front sensors: 0.27 k ohm - 0.33 k ohm
Rear Sensor: 0.8 k ohm - 1.4 k ohm

I apologize for plagurizing that helpful explorer herein, but I will clearly repeat that I am NOT the source of this useful tidbit - my apologies for not noting his name to give a correct reference.

I went to Advanced Auto Parts after pulling and cleaning the sensor given that I'm on the road and didn't have a multimeter. My bolt was a 1/2", and I had read other places it was metric - FYI. I put it back in finger tight to drive 3 miles down road to Advanced Auto and was SHOCKED when they would neither read the resistance across the two terminals ("We don't test sensors") nor loan me a Fluke to do it myself. I inititially walked out on my way to Auto Zone where I will go in the future for all of my needs since they run all kinds of diagnostics for you. But then I asked them if I could pay the $19, test it in their parking lot, and return it if that didn't clear my ABS light. They even argued about that, saying they don't accept returns on electronics. I then explained how a magnetic pick-up sensor works and they surrendered. And it did clear my solid ABS light so they made the $19 + tax sale (but their last from me).

I had the same codes present but no ABS light, I replaced the rear abs sensor in the differential, it seems to work but I still here the abs in the rear when turning tight corners at low speeds.

Sears Scanner for ABS

I bought a Actron Scanner CP9449 at Sears on sale for 99.99 and was able to read my ABS failure codes which were C1234, C1230, and C1102. What would be the next step?

C1234, C1230, and C1102

Read my ABS codes with an actron CP9449 I bought at sears for 99.00 on sale. Found codes C1234, C1230, and C1102 on my 2000 Ford Exploder XLT 4dr. 4wd
Went to advance auto and purchased a new Rear ABS Sensor-part no.970-012
Dorman. Installed the part and checked the ABS light. Ureaka! No more light.
If I had taken this to Ford it would have cost me more than the tester. Consider the tester paid for. Note the new sensor in box read 1.9K ohms. My old sensor read 0 ohms. When I crawled under the car to check the sensor I couldn't believe what a rotted out piece of s---- my exploder was. I bought this car new and it's now 12 years old. My 57 chevy that is 55 years old doesn't look a quarter as bad as under this thing. Would I buy a ford again- "Absolutely Not"
Everything under there looks like it's 100 years old and all the metal including the spare tire rim is flaking off bad. I bet if I hit the bumper with a sledge hammer half the car would fall off to the ground. My 93 Bonneville has rust issues to but not as bad as this ford does. Built Ford Tough Not!
Adding this: The abs light is out and I installed my scanner again to see if the codes cleared. They are still there but the light is out. Do the codes need to be cleared and if so how do you go about that? Thanks

C1230 and C1102

Had my ABS come on in my 98 Explorer XLT 4.0.:exp: I read online that it may be the rear diff sensor. Went to junkyard and grabbed one, UNTESTED. Replaced it, only took 5 minutes. But light was still on. Then I went to Advance Auto, they scanned for FREE it and turned up the C1230, and C1102 codes. I went on the web and looked up these codes confirming it was a rear sensor issue. I figured I'd pick up a brand new rear diff sensor for $13 plus tax. Swapped it out and VIOLA! :)The ABS light went off right away. Turned out that the junkyard sensor was crap too!!:mad:

Im not sure if the codes are still there, but again the light is off and has stayed off.

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