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Vacuum Leak Affecting ABS System?


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January 18, 2016
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West Virginia
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2002 Explorer Limited
Problem child is a 2002 Explorer Limited, 4.6L. In cold temps such as this morning (10 degrees F), I have a hell of a time getting the car going. It has classic symptoms of a vacuum leak. Very rough idle, no throttle response (engine nearly dies when I press the throttle with it in park) and it just runs like crap. While this is happening, my ABS light turns on and stays on solid. However, once the engine gets a little warm (coolant temp needle just starts to register heat), the vac leak must seal itself because idle smooths out and it runs fine. I can also restart the car that that point and the ABS light is extinguished. I'm left wondering how a vacuum leak would affect the ABS system.

Sitting in the office at work right now and wondering if anyone had any ideas before I freeze outside trying to find the leak after work. Thanks!

Okay, could be a few things here buddy, first could be a bad IAC valve, along with a dirty throttle body, next could be a vacuum leak, here is a quick way to figure that out, take some starting fluid or carb cleaner and spray around the hoses and area's you think could be leaking, listen closely for a change in engine idle as the engine will speed up or bogg down when you find the leak as the fluid will get sucked into the engine tracking down your problem, next could be freezing gas lines, you said it was 10F over there yikes! Add a bottle of heet, that stuff works great! Good luck hope to hear back from ya! :D