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violent shaking/vibration at highway speeds


February 12, 2015
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Fort Wayne, Indiana
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2004 Ford Explorer
Just started happening tonight for me on the way to work. From 0-40 it's barely noticeable. Around 50 I get this weird feeling in the steering wheel. Hard to explain but it feels very "airy" or free from any weight as if there's nothing connected to it. After 55-70 the shaking is more pronounced and it goes from what seems like a simple front end vibration to the entire truck shaking violently. I'll inspect it tomorrow after work but I'm really hoping it's just one or both of my front tires out of balance.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Check upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends as well as well bearings for play.


Look at the front seat bar links. They may be snapped.

Edit: "seat bar links" stupid auto correct. Seat bar. <-- did it again. One more time. Sway Bar Links.