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What mods should I do next?

Slightly off topic, as mentioned Bob does list some mods to improve performance, one of which is the tornado (sp?)

A local news station here in CT did an experiment with it and found on 3 of the 3 vehicles it actually hurt performance....

....just kind of wondered why Bob would include that device?

I've already removed the Tornado from my "Add-Ons After Headers" list. No, I don't recommend it.


At this point with Torque Monster Headers, we've sold over 100 sets with about 10 sets in Ranger 5.0 V8 engine swaps and 2 in Bronco IIs. I usually let the Headers speak for themselves... I believe we've done the best possible for these vehicles. These are the only Headers in existance that come with an install video. They are the only Headers for these vehicles that are CARB approved for California... You make the choice.

Bob Pasquale
Tech Performance & Engineering
Torque Monster Headers

the tm headers make such a difference
and so worth the money!!!

TM headers are nothing less than awesome!!!!

They really added performance on my blown application :D