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wheel noise HELP!

paul stacey

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February 26, 2007
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1999 v6 auto
Hi, my 1999 explorer V6 auto has a wheel noise that is a rotational sound coming from either the left or right wheel (its hard to tell which one), the discs and pads were changed and made no difference, the right wheel bearing has been changed and still made no difference. The gaitors around the CV joints are OK and not split? i am at a complete loss to cure the noise which is driving me crazy, can anyone out there help before i spend another fortune or simply drive it off a bridge, many thanks Paul (from the UK)

stick your head out the window and listen closely, or if it does it at low speeds get someone to walk or jog next to it to determine where it is coming from. I'm going through this now.. I thought it was coming out of the front as it only happened making sharp turns and went away when i hit the brakes. Replaced wheel bearing, balljoints, tie rod ends, and sway bar links. $600 later i just realized that it is a rear axle bearing. But it is ok as all the stuff on the front needed to be replaced anyways.

We've had that noise, sounds like your grinding a lot of junk up in the front end? Ours turned out to be the hubs and they are a sealed unit. Jack your rig up and pull one side off, if you see a lot of metal shavings and particals in there chances are those are pieces of the bearings. We did both side at the same time. However we ended up changing the right side again a few thousand miles later. Don't know what happened to it but it went bad real quick.