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Window motor & regulator removal.


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April 13, 2010
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Lawrenceville, Ga
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94 XLT
Hi, I'm a new member and this is the first internet forum I've ever joined. What is the difference between a thread and a post? I hope this where I ask my question about my Explorer, if not, let me know.

I have a question about my 1994 Explorer.
How do you remove the window motor/regulator from both front and rear doors? I have removed the door panels and removed the mounting screws. The problem is the motor is hanging by the cable at the top and bottom of the motor that raises and lowers the window. How do you disconnect the motor/regulator from the cables. I need to replace the window regulator plugs.

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hey new guy...welcome. this forum will come in real handy when in doubt. A thread is what a topic is about and a post is a reply or answer.

EX: you question is the thread and my answer is the post.

I dont know much about the window motor removal but i will keep up on the thread cuz i need a new one in my door.

gmoney, try this link to a thread for removing window motors. I don't know if it is what your are looking for but it will get you close.
As you spend more time on the forum, you will get better at looking for your answers, just takes time.
On the banner between "New Posts" and "Quick Links" in the lower right corner is a "search" function. This is a great asset.
Welcome to the EF! There are a lot of great guys and gals here.
Keep us posted, and you will be asked to post pics!

...You POST a question, someone will REPLY, and it becomes a THREAD....


unclemike, thanks for the link! It was very helpful. Still had to figure out a few things on my own, but I would never have been able to make this repair without the photos and step by step instructions. Over time, all 4 windows on my 94' Explorer had stopped working. What an aggravation! With the help of this site, I repaired all 4 windows over the weekend for a total cost of about $70 which included the purchase of a 1/2" drill bit and a set of torx drivers.