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Window problems, but not bushings!


New Member
June 11, 2008
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City, State
Kansas City, MO
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'94 XLT
Driver's window on '94 Explorer made some clunking noise at the bottom of the track and then it won't travel any more. Motor spins in up direction freely, also spins in downward direction with occasional clicking noise. I figured it was bushings and pulled the motor and oh crap! plastic gear and bushings look fine. Replaced and tested prior to re-installing, motor spins correctly. Once back in it does the same stuff, spins both directions but window doesn't move. I'm guessing somehow the two geared sections of motor and window track mechanism are no longer meshing together...Is that possible? I'm suspicious because all the rivets holding the track mechanism have been removed by prior owner and there are bolts/nuts instead of rivets.
Additionally I thought there was excessive play where the metal gear fits into the motor itself like the gears beveled edges where it seats into the motor had become rounded. Any help provided is much appreciated.


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April 18, 2008
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'93 XLT
Probably the regulator. Get an inspection mirror and a bright flashlight and take a look inside the door panel when you hit the switch.