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Wiring diagram for power seats?


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February 26, 2007
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1993 Ford Bronco
Hey everyone, we're trying to put power seats out of an '02 Explorer into my wife's '03 regular cab Ranger (the seat tracks will get modified to work) At the junkyard, the drivers seat wouldn't move when hooked to power/grounded but the passenger side one did. To get the drivers seat functioning we need to bypass the memory seat computer, does anybody have a wiring diagram? Should we just get a wiring harness out of another power seat without memory and use that? Thanks!

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you have to power the memory module and the switch, i would just get a non memory seat.

Here's the comparison between the regular power and memory power from an '03. Looks like you could make it work by bypassing the driver module if you've already bought the seats. good luck.


Not sure why zippyshare rared that file, just change it to pdf to see the diagrams.

Thank you!! The seats were an impulse buy yesterday, gonna have to do some experimenting over the weekend.

well im trying to do the same for my 03 explorer.. i got 02 power leather seats but my 03 didnt have power seats can anyone tell me how to get the power leather seats working???