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Add Memory Function to Power Seats


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December 15, 2006
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2002 EB
Hello guys,

I did a search on this but only found information on how to convert non-power seats to memory power seats.

What I want to know is if you can add memory function to power seats and if so what do you need?

Would it be as easy as to just install the memory module and memory switch or would the whole seat and/or rails have to be replaced?

I have an '02 EB with power seats but no memory.

I appreciate any insight into this.

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I'll bump this post, Ive wondered about this myself.

I'd like to know as well.

I'd say the easiest (and cheapest) solution is to not let your wife drive the truck :D


How the heck did u know that was it? I wish I had the guts to not let her drive my truck.

sorry to bump an old post but has anyone found out how to do this?

In the 93-01 trucks the memory seat track seems to be the same as a normal power set track. Meaning that I can add the memory seat module and wiring under the seat, plus about eight wires to the door and GEM module. One wire comes from the GEM to identify that the vehicle is not in drive or reverse. I have the extra parts to do my 98 Mountaineer, but have not done it yet.

You would need to find the parts from a Limited Explorer of the matching model years. The hard part would be finding the two special wire locations that need to be tapped into, the power and grounds are easy. Research that about a Limited to find those special wires, then hunt the parts. Good luck,

looks like im on a mission...thanks for the help.

Memory Seat upgrade

I am in the same status as the rest of you. I bought limited seats from a '98 and put them in my '97 which already had both cloth driver and passenger power front seats. The limited passenger seat used the same two wire connection and all the adjustments work properly. The Drivers seat however uses a larger connector with ten wires to it.

All we need is someone who has a Limited with the memory seats to spec out the wiring for us. Any Explorer Limited owner volunteers out there? What is needed is to identify the pin connection #/ the wire color and what signal is on them (power, ground, connection) and where it goes etc. My biggest question is how many wires from the memory switch to the seat connector? and how many wires from the memory switch to the fuze block (for drive, park condition).

I have the a Ford CD with all wiring diagrams on it however it is very confusing. I need to put everything I have all on a white board (soon) and map out all the connections. I will be checking all the forums on this topic and see if anything changes. If I get lucky I will figure this out and get back to you all.


I'd say the easiest (and cheapest) solution is to not let your wife drive the truck :D

X2 on that one or just pull the fuse when you get it set how you want and tell her its broke.

My 99 rebuild thread has a few pictures showing most of the wiring;

The wires on the door switch go to the seat, except for the one small power wire(orange/green). There should be only three odd wires to deal wit I think, that O/GR, the seat module power(yellow/green I believe), and the red/black I think(for vehicle in P or N).

The red/black wire goes to the GEM on 95+ vehicles, the other two should be possible to match along the kick panel area. Note that there will be an identical color wire for the left side airbag along 1999, don't confuse that one.

The Limited door panels are different, you would have to swap all four(they have leather on them). I carefully cut a hole in my LF panel for the memory seat switch. I only did it because this is my work vehicle, I don't really want my Mountaineer that way.

You need all of those wires from the Limited door panel switch, all the way to the seat.

I think that the memory seat module(guts and wiring) can be swapped onto the normal power seats. If you prefer your original seat style, try just swapping those parts. Regards,

Great pictures. Nice work. I will probably do the same with my memory door switch. I have a question(s) for you. Do you remember which wires go to which? I know that at least 4 wires to from the door switch to the seat. I cannot find the wiring diagram for the seat connector. I could very easily just try to plug and play method but I dont want to ruin my switch and blow fuses etc. I can find the hot at start but I am not sure about the ground types. I think the "Hot @ Start" is also the ground when not in start right?

The memory door switch has 6 wires and the connector under the limited seat has 11 wires in 10 connectors.

Memory Switch:
pin1 - Bn/Or - mseat set switch
pin3 - Bk/Or - mseat set position 2
pin4 - Bn/Gn - mseat set position 1
pin6 - Purple/Wh - Hot all times
pin8 - Wh/Or - mseat lamp (Hot @ Start)
pin9 - Gn/Wh - gound

And the limited seat connecter has no pin designation that I can see

Limited Seat Connector wires:
Bk - goes to ?
Blue/Wh - goes to ?
Gn/Yel - goes to ?
R/Bk - goes to ?
Bk/Wh - goes to ?
R/Blue - Two of these R/Blue wires on one pin. - goes to ?
W/Or - goes to ?
Bn/Or - yes same color - goes to ?
Bn/Or - yes same color - goes to ?
Bn/Gn - goes to ?

If you can remember any of the wire connections that would be helpful. Even just a few wires would help the overall reduce the puzzle.

I plan to post some pics and total instructions when I get it all done.

Thanks in advance..

The wires at the door memory seat switch all match those going to the seat. The best way to do the task is to begin with as much of that wiring as possible. Get all of the door wiring for the memory seat switch, it will plug right into the door jamb connector. Get at least some of the mating wiring from the other side of that door jamb connector. It takes a tiny screw driver or pick to "catch" the tiny plastic locks/levers which hold in wiring connectors.

If you get those wires, then it is obvious where they go at the seat. That leaves just four other seat wires. There may be an extra big ground wire, that is no big issue if that's the case.

Of the other wires at the seat(not leading to the switch(which has matching colored wires)), two will be the same main ground and power wires as a normal power seat. One will be Green/Yellow, the other is Red/black(93/94 Limited's have a red/blue wire for this function).

The GN/Y wire is for a power for the memory seat module, I had the proper Limited dash wiring, so it plugged in for me. That and the R/BK wire will likely not be in the floor(body) harness of a non Limited.

I suspect that the memory seat module doesn't take much power. The GN/Y wire is separate on a fused circuit of its own. You could use another power circuit, such as the main seat power wire. It's a matter of easier troubleshooting with the OEM Limited wiring, don't make too big of an issue of that.

The other wire is more important, that R/BK wire is for a signal to tell the memory seat that the vehicle is not in gear. I cannot recall if it a switched on wire, or switched off. Since the signal is in presumably all of the GEM modules, just run a wire for that all the way to the GEM. You should be able to find the right pin of the GEM for it. Worse case I could pull my radio out and find it, and take a picture.

I do remember tracing it down through the dash wires. Do not waste any time trying that, I discovered that there are a bunch of tiny R/BK wires throughout the dash. Some are the same, this one needed for the seat is alone going to the one pin in the GEM. It goes very very near to the bottom of the GEM, in the lower of the three connectors.

That should cover most of the details, work on getting nearly all of the OEM Limited wiring from the door switch to the seat, especially the connectors. Regards,