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Yet Another Door Hinge Pin Thread


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February 19, 2006
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'93 Sport (Dora), '06 XLT
Ok, if your just gonna tell me to do a search dont bother typing it, I already have. Ok, so I grinded the top part off of both of the passenger door hinge pins. Now trying to drive them out with a punch and a hammer, they dont budge, at all. Where exactly are the bushings, and is the hole that the pin goes into recessed at all meaning I nead to keep grinding below the surface? A picture of a new hinge not installed would be great if anyone has one.

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the bushing are in the inner part of the hinge, in other word the second half of the hinge, the one you are not grinding on right now.
Have you taken the bolts on the door side of the hinge out? If not the weight of the door will keep you from knocking the pins out. If you have, then just try some wd40 on the inside of the pin, make sure the pin head is ground all off, and keep trying. I had to use a baby sledge to knock em out of mine.

Ok, I didnt take the bolts out, my wife was trying to take the weight off the hinge. I will give that a try tommorow.

Make sure you take a marker and trace around the hinges location before you take the bolts out, that way when you go to reinstall you can line up the door/hinge easily.

I was able to do it without undoing the bolts... made it a lot more awkward tho...

had my dad hold up the door with a jack and keep it balanced on the jack while I worked out the old pins and put in the new ones.... was a major pain with the hinges still bolted in. but it is doable.

It's best to put a cushion on a Floor jack and jack up under the door, close to the Handle side. Unbolt the hinge from the Door. lower the door slightly to give you room. Drill the Head off and with a Drift, smack the hinge downward.

The bushings are actually sandwiched between the two halves.

It is easy enough to realign the door because you have nice clean paint outline of the hinge.

I had to preform this operation all by my lonesome. I used a Coleman cooler with a big piece of foam padding out of a old chair cushion on top. I read about using a cooler some where on here, so it wasn't my idea. The cooler does make things easier than using a floor jack.

Thanks, my wife wasnt able to hold the door up enough and the floor jack doesnt quite reach it. I will give the cooler trick a try.

Ok, I ended up finding a floor jack bigger than mine so I could take the bolts out of one hinge at a time. Well that worked good, but the pins just wont come out. Anyone know if anyone other than the dealer sells new hinges? I couldnt find them on the autozone or advanced website.

You gotta be able to knock these pins out. The total hinge replacement is a real Pain as compared to knocking out the pins. Are you doing one at a time? Keep the bottom secure while you do the upper pin replacement then Vice Verse.
Are you sure you drilled the Head off totally? The Pin has knurling on it so it doesn't just drop out. You gotta hit it.

Yeah, I was trying to do 1 at a time. I'm gonna give it another try but spray some pb blaster on it first and see if that helps. I was using a punch and hammer. Makes no sense as to why they werent coming out, maybe the bushings have rusted to the pin sort of welding it in place.

work the door back and forth and up and down while you push on the pins

my pins were heavily notched from use and I had to work the door up anddown to get them out... and I was using a skinny phillips head screwdriver and a hammer to get them out

Just keep trying, sometimes they are a be-otch to knock loose, but they will come out eventually. Dont feel to bad, I get to do the same tomorrow, I am rebuilding my doors, new glass, trim, weatherstripping, and a new upper hinge pin kit for the drivers door.

You should do them one at a time. Do the Top one first while loosening but leaving the lower hinge attached to both teh door and the truck.

The head is fully drilled off? I believe I used a 3/8 drill bit.

Got mine done today, ground the head off and used a punch. For some reason the pin was upside down, or at least different direction from my '91s hinges. I managed to bend the crap out of the hinge arms, but was able to bend it all back to perfect, so the door shuts a lot better now.
Have you tried again?

When I did my door pin bushings I used some rope around the rafters in the garage tied to the window frame th hold the door up.

Thanks for all the help on this one guys. I finally got the pin replaced. It had rusted to the bushing and ended up coming out after soaking in pb blaster and hitting it real hard.