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Solved '02 - '10 V6 Thermostat housing, now available in aluminum!

Discussion in 'Tips and Technical Info posted by Technician's' started by automark, September 3, 2016.

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    1. automark

      automark New Member

      June 13, 2006
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      '06 XLT
      Not seeing any traffic on the original posting I'd made, I'm cross posting to this tech section for better exposure to help others who've suffered from plastic cooling system parts.

      Here is my recent discovery on the leaking/exploding plastic thermostat housing onst, but the V6 Explorers from approximately 2002 until approx 2010. A few comments:
      Using my VIN for an 06 XLT w/ V6, they've offered the AL2Z-8575-B ( AKA motorcraft RT-1220 )
      It appears to be a service kit, also shown under the drawing number SK AL2E-8570-AB
      The kit includes many aluminum Thermostat Housing specific parts ( Base Oring, Thread in Sensor, etc. )
      It, as is noted in the Ford Service Dept. Drawing, does not include the Stat itself - Poss AL2Z-8575-AA?
      I don't know if they have one for the 2 sensor type of vehicles
      I don't know if they have a version for the Must*ngs, which suffer the same "seam failure" of the plastic version
      They retail for approx 190 - 200 bucks
      It appears to be very high quality, but I haven't yet installed it. ( Hoping this last plastic version I'm on will last a little while longer! )
      This post, and the availability of this Ford kit, in no way takes away from the gentleman who is selling an excellent alloy product elsewhere.
      I'll send the PDF I have to offer for posting by the Forum Admin, but I need to find out how!
      Best regards,

      Partsman 109 says:
      The thermostat to use is 2L2Z.8575.AA
      I don't show the same aluminum assembly for the same year Mustang 4.0

      Update for two items:
      First, I have the Hi Resolution PDF ready to post, but it won't allow me. Anyone, please, allow me to send it to you and you could post it up for me? I also have a digital photo of the kit for the same purpose if needed.
      Second, a much better price from the EB*Y side of Tom Massano Parts, tommassanoparts is there user name,and they're in PA. Be sure to also buy an actual thermostat as listed in partsmans posting, as it is not included in the service kit. Very helpful, and courteous lady there named heather.
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