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Affordable Bypass Filter

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by trucku, May 23, 2005.

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  1. trucku

    trucku Well-Known Member

    January 25, 2005
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    Queens, New York and living in Budd Lake, NJ now.
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    2002 Explorer XLS 4.0 4x4
    In my search for an affordable Bypass filter (since I can't afford the Amsoil system} I found the following. I bought a dual remote filtration system from Perma-cool.

    The nipple size for the Perma-Dual remote setup is 3/4-16, an adapter can be bought to fit 5/8-18

    I found the following Bypass filters for a great price from the following company.
    Hastings (1800)887-8836 Corp#
    I was able to find a distributor in Queens 718-353-2525

    This filter will fit the Perma-Cool Dual remote setup as is with 3/4-16 nipple.

    The following filter fits the 3/4-16 nipple size
    Descriptions : By-Pass Lube Spin-on
    Fits : Nissan Trucks
    Replaces : Nissan 15201-Z9008; Baldwin B7018
    Thread : 3/4-16
    O.D. : 4 1/4 (108.0)
    Length : 5 29/32 (150.0)
    I.Gskt : G401
    It has a Absolute rating of 15 microns(98.75%) and a nominal rating of under 2 microns(10%)
    Price $21.41 in Queens NY.
    This filter will fit the Perma-Cool Dual remote setup.

    This filter will fit the Perma-Cool Dual remote setup with nipple adapter that converts 3/4-16 to 5/6-18.

    I found the following in the 5/6-18 nipple size
    Descriptions : By-Pass Lube Spin-on
    Contains : Flow Control Orifice
    Fits : Allis Chalmers, Caterpillar, Massey Ferguson, Oliver Equipment; Jeep Light-Duty Trucks
    Replaces : Allis Chalmers 45122073; Caterpillar 666-3172; Chrysler J0936407; Massey Ferguson 1069954-M91; Baldwin B50
    Thread : 5/8-18
    O.D. : 3 11/16 (93.7)
    Length : 5 3/8 (136.5)
    I.Gskt : [1] Included
    Related to : HF907 (Short Version)
    LF334 (Long Version 7 1/8inch) $8.23
    It has a Absolute rating of 15 microns(98.75%)
    Price $ 5.34 Queen NY

    Hope this helps in some way for anyone trying to get dual remote filtration setup with a bypass filter. I have researched Frantz filters and Motor Guard Filters. They are all easily above $120 mark. So I hope this helps the guy/gal on a budget.

    I found some guy on eBay selling a perma_cool dual remote mount and a Fram full flow filter and a Fram Bypass filter (that I have not been able to find Fram Bypass for sale anywhere) for $100 plus shipping Its funny to try to pass that off on someone who might think its affordable. What a rip-off. You can definitely buy all of that cheaper, with all the hookups and filters.
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