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Engine pull, paint and mod

Discussion in 'Modified 1995-2001 Explorers' started by Lastweek, June 15, 2011.

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    1. Lastweek

      Lastweek New Member

      November 16, 2010
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      Boise, ID
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      '99 Eddie Bauer
      Hey everyone,

      Long story short I almost sold my '99 4l SOHC EB. I chickened out because I love this car. So I decided I'm going to pull the engine and get this beauty beautiful. When I pull it I will be doing the timing chains and maybe new headers. Questions is while it is out can you guys think of anything else to do to it before I put it back? New header suggestions? Eventually I want this to be more of a 4x4 vehicle with improved suspension, so maybe that will help with suggestions. Let me know what you guys think.

      BTW the color scheme is going to be Red Sox and there will be little Sox logos painted on it.
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